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    a bit of a thought outlet

    So I just made my first order directly from ABU. Feeling a little apprehensive about receiving it since I work at the cargo office where it will be delivered. Hopefully the description will be vague. Since I first joined this site I've been on and off in a bit of a cycle. Initially I thought it...
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    Day or night diaper wearing?

    Which do you prefer and why? Personally I prefer night-time because it's far more private, but sometimes the thrill of wearing under my clothes during the day can be fun too.
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    New Zealand ABDLs

    Hey fellow NZ'rs. I have created a short 8 question survey for some market research, I would super appreciate you guys taking the time to fill out. It's completely anonymous!
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    ABDL Store In New Zealand?

    Hey Kiwis, This is a hypothetical question which will probably not go anywhere - just something I have thought about for a while, and have been wondering how feasible it would be with the market we have. If somebody was to open up an ABDL store in New Zealand, and stock all kinds of ABDL...
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    Are there many people from ADISC who have Tumblr accounts? I recently made one and I have a few posts now. I guess it would be SFW but I flagged as adult content just in case. Does anybody know of any good Tumblr blogs that are SFW? Most of the NSFW Tumblrs...
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    Out Camping 😊

    It's pouring with rain unfortunately but the tent is dry and I has beer 😊
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    New Group for Pilots

    Any pilots out there, whether you are ab-initio or experienced, there is a new group called 'PILOTS' for us to hang out and meet other pilots in the community.
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    My diaper is leaking but i'm stuck with my friends

    I'm watching movie, but it's leaking :/ not too much but not sure what to do
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    It would appear that I'm back O.o

    I actually can't remember when I was last on here. Apparently I made a rather successful thread before I disappeared (when I logged in just now it had more than 11,000 views and 183 replies). For those that know me (probably not many since I wasn't too active and/or memorable last time lol)...
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    Wear, wet or mess?

    Which do you prefer? I love all 3 equally. Its just such a nice feeling to have a fully loaded diapee 😄
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    I Have A Bit Of A Problem (Too Many Diapers/Not Enough Storage)

    I keep laughing everytime I try and think of ways around this. So I bought my first case of nappies without realising just how much space they actually take up. I live in a flat with 4 other guys, and although I have my own room any of them can come in (theres no locks on the doors). Now I'm all...
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    Anybody feel the same as me?

    I like to have milk and cookies, watch movies that I'm sure are meant for kids, wear nappies (obviously :lol:), cuddle up with my mother (she knows nothin jon snow), and I like the feeling that somebody else has control. But I don't like "being" a baby, or using other baby items like a bottle. I...
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    Anybody here been to see Inside Out?

    I went and saw it the other day. Wow, I must say I really enjoyed it. A lot more that I initially thought I would. I won't put any spoilers, but I will say that I had tears forming by the end of the movie. Definitely recommended. So, what did you guys think of it?
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    Best or Most Memorable Places you've Flown (As Passenger or Crew)?

    Greetings! So like the title says, have you flown anywhere either as a pilot or passenger that you thought was really awesome? I've flown around the New Zealand Southern Alps which was pretty awesome. It was in a Piper-Cherokee and part of my terrain and weather awareness training before I got...
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    Inexplicable desire to have a pacifier???

    Recently... Like last 2 hours kind of recently... I've had this completely inexplicable desire to have a pacifier??? I actually can't explain this at all - I still am not interested in regressing or role-play or any other kind of AB behavior. I never had a pacifier as a child, nor have I felt...
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    Have You Ever Made An Impromptu Diaper?

    Since the first time I tried wearing a diaper, the closest I have ever been to the real thing is Huggies Dry-Nights, and even then that was only recently. Having lived at home and now living in a flat with other guys means getting the real thing (and keeping it secret) isn't really feasible...
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    The great void of ABDL in New Zealand. Or am I just not looking hard enough?

    Greetings, So I decided to write my first thread (aside from my introduction), and thought this would be a good place to start. I live in New Zealand and have struggled to find places online to buy adult diapers (from within the country) that are geared more toward the ABDL community (the sort...
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    Hey there, I'm BlueSky

    Hey Everyone, I'm BlueSky, a second year university student studying aviation. For as long as I can remember, I've had an attraction to wearing (and using) diapers. It wasn't until my last year of highschool that a spontaneous google search revealed that I wasn't the only person to have these...