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  1. SgtOddball

    What video games do you play?

    Star Citizen, War Thunder, Train Simulator and Train Sim World (obvious theme here), Transport Fever 2 and Pokémon Sword.
  2. SgtOddball

    What song that you can not stop listening to?

    For today only and for obvious reasons :P
  3. SgtOddball

    Almost got caught this morning, thankfully I didn't and was able to get to my duvet quick enough :P

    Almost got caught this morning, thankfully I didn't and was able to get to my duvet quick enough :P
  4. SgtOddball

    Do you wear diapers to work?

    No, work in a food factory so for obvious reasons I do not and would not wear to work.
  5. SgtOddball

    Ordering diapers discreetly

    I might be sounding paranoid here, but wouldn't the store know what the package is in the Amazon locker? Since I've got a local supermarket with one with people that know my me and my family.
  6. SgtOddball

    Any uk people

    Sounds like a good idea, but at the same time it might bring onto itself media attention.
  7. SgtOddball

    Diapers and Coffee... do they mix??

    I love coffee too much to not go without it, diapered or otherwise.
  8. SgtOddball

    Nappies Ruse

    Could try Diaper Gambit
  9. SgtOddball

    After dribble

    I sometimes dribble after I go.
  10. SgtOddball

    YOUR Stash!

    My stash recieved some additions of 3 packs of 24 Tena and 3 packs of Molicare Super Plus (162 Nappies in total). This addition was dangerous, since I was supposed to be home alone (in order to sneak them in and dismantle the boxes), but didn't go according to plan, luckily no one knows what I...
  11. SgtOddball

    Is this like a religious thing?

    I'm an Atheist, and always will be. Have no time to be drawn into believing in some ancient mythology that has no bearing on the 21st Century.
  12. SgtOddball

    What age would you go back to

    Between 3 and 4, Diapered obviously.
  13. SgtOddball

    YOUR Stash!

  14. SgtOddball

    are tykables really THAT good?

    My only 2 quirps is that even their large is not large enough (then again I am overweight and normally fit a large anyway) and they are too noisy if you want to wear one with pepes around, though granted I haven't tried the new Tykables.
  15. SgtOddball

    A heaven for buying diapers!

    All I'm getting from your link is a youtube address with an Error 404 message.
  16. SgtOddball

    Right to wear

    Personally I'd say it is a right, we aren't talking of course about a hard earned right, there is nothing in law that was created specifically to cater to one or more groups, but rather it is the right of choice. However I do understand the argument for it being a privilege as well, since for...
  17. SgtOddball

    Cities Skylines -- anyone playing it?

    Cities Skylines is awesome.... Still rubbish at it but it is awesome!
  18. SgtOddball

    Pokemon Sword and Shield Thoughts

    Nothing is stopping them though in making the Regional Pokédex in the base game and the National Pokédex as a free DLC.
  19. SgtOddball

    Pokemon Sword and Shield Thoughts

    Personally I think they should have done the regional pokédex only, with only the pokémon you can catch in the wild, with the rest of them coming in a free DLC for the Pokédex. But generally I am of the opinion that they should have handled this far better.
  20. SgtOddball

    Ordering Diapers/Nappies to an Amazon Lockbox

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has a. ordered Incontinence products to an Amazon Lockbox and b. whether it is advisable, keeping in mind that I'd be trying to be discreet.