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  1. dlguy4life

    Tykables getting expensive

    Firstly, I'd like to say that I do realise in general that adult diapers and the ABDL diaper businesses/companies are expensive as it is. However, with that said, is it just me or has Tykables gotten a lot more expensive over the years? This morning I went to their website to order 8 bags of...
  2. dlguy4life

    TLC: My Strange Addiction - Chews Dirty Diapers

    I realize we all have our likes, kinks and to each their own but I must say this has to be the most disgusting thing I've seen in a long time. F****** disgusting!! :sick::sick::sick::sick: TLC: My Strange Addiction - Chews Dirty Diapers, Season 5, Episode 5
  3. dlguy4life

    108 years ago: Titanic hits iceberg, sinks

    As we approach the evening of April 14th and the early morning hours of April 15th, I want to pause a moment in remembrance of the more than 1,500 people that lost their lives 108 years ago on the Titanic. 🙏 For all those Titanic enthused, there will be a "Real Time" Titanic Sinking...
  4. dlguy4life

    Stuck at home!

    What have you all been doing while at home for 4+ weeks?
  5. dlguy4life

    1st & 2nd Favorite Sports Teams

    I'm interested to know what everyones favorite and second favorite college and professional sports teams are. Please state your location along with your teams location. Here's my list: COLLEGE #1 (American) Football: Iowa State University - Ames, Iowa, USA #2 (American) Football: University...
  6. dlguy4life

    NorthShore Supreme Briefs VS. Abena Abri‑Form Classic Briefs

    I prefer my diapers to be as thick and crinkly as possible. So I have always bought the Abena M4's however, I have seen reviews online how thick and crinkly the NorthShore Supreme Briefs are. I obviously have never tried the NorthShore Supreme Briefs, are they that much better than the Abena...
  7. dlguy4life

    Scented Colognes

    Has anyone tried the "Baby Powder" or "New Baby" fragrance cologne scents from Demeter? (see links below) I've always been searching for the perfect scent that represents that smell of the freshly opened pack of Luvs/Pampers diapers. I wonder if these fragrances smell anything like that...
  8. dlguy4life

    Rearz Diaper Fragrance

    Can someone guide me to which Rearz diaper fragrance I should choose from the list below? I would like a baby senct similar to what you might smell when walking down the diaper aisle at the store. 1) Fabulous Baby Powder 2) Graceful Newborn 3) Baby Powder 4) Baby Clean 5) ABU Baby Fresh
  9. dlguy4life

    What Attends diaper is this?

    What Attends disposable cloth-like cover diaper is this?
  10. dlguy4life

    Adult Onesie help...

    I'm going to purchase the 4care Body Stocking from XP Medical. I need help picking the right size. I'm 33 x 32 waist. Can I get away with getting the small (24 to 32) or would I need to get the medium (28 to 37) or large (32 to 43)? I am talking to the people that have bought them before...
  11. dlguy4life

    Baby Wipes

    Who sells the best baby Wipes?
  12. dlguy4life

    Did you ask Santa to get you diapers this Christmas?

    I DID... Here's for hoping!: :smile1:
  13. dlguy4life

    Abri-Form M3 OR M4?

    Hello guys! I need your help. I'm going to buy some Abri-Form diapers but, this is my first time buying this diaper and I don't know what to get. Which diaper should I buy, the M3 which holds 3,000 milliliters or the M4 that holds 3,600 milliliters? I'm looking for the thickest but, some say...
  14. dlguy4life

    Newbie here

    Hello ALL!!! I've been a diaper lover ever since I can remember and now I'm looking to meet other ab/dl's who share the same passion for diapers as I do. The only ab/dl market diaper I've ever tried has been Bambinos. So naturally my favorite diaper is Bambino Teddy, although I'd like to try...