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  1. leffykit

    Do you believe in ghosts / the Paranormal?

    my family have always been attuned to higher plains of existance. We've all seen or heard things in various locations and at numerous times trought our lives. My family come from a long line of spiritual types, theres not been a single household that hasnt seen some from of crystal ball, tarot...
  2. leffykit

    Any other trans people here?

    not quite sure how I missed this thread, proves I need to visit the forum more often instead of sitting on irc. MtoF girl stuck in her teen years (mentally anyway) and pre-everything unfortunately. Terrible time getting started with my old gp but family are aware/accepting, so is my boyfriend...
  3. leffykit

    I should come on the forums more often, we may have lost the U18's but theres still a whole...

    I should come on the forums more often, we may have lost the U18's but theres still a whole bunch of newbies who need their records setting straight. Also.. Poneh Poneh Poneh :3 *brohoofs*
  4. leffykit

    Abc club kings cross london

    wow this got derailed fast. Frankly Im appauled by the viciousness with which such blatantly false and groundless impressions are being defended by some people here. I agree the venue its self may not fit the bill for an AB friendly affair however Steve DOES almost litterally run ABC out of the...
  5. leffykit

    UK adult baby television program broadcast date

    Definitely could have been better, tough its definitely a better attempt than some in the past. Have to be honest though..justin just came across as..creepy and controlling. All that seems to come to mind is Rapeface :/ Though i guess I shouldnt judge. Not really shocked by the twitter feed...
  6. leffykit

    I admit it, I'm a furry fan.

    If you think thats true of furries you're either looking in from outside with rose tinted glasses, or you're a fur whose never been to the FA forums. furries can be real bitches and assholes (me included :O )
  7. leffykit

    MtF Transsexuals - A Question

    I think the changes in my body shape toards the end of puberty are what I've found the most distresing/ depressing. I hate looking at my body in the mirror or being semi naked. And I all but threw a fit when my mum pointed out how broad my shoulders and chest are getting and that I've gone up a...
  8. leffykit

    MtF Transsexuals - A Question

    glad you're working things through in your mind and that my input helped. I usually think my comments come across as rabling more to myself than contributing (bad habits of bottling thoughts/feelings die hard). My first big panic was when I started sprouting extra hair, I hate being hairy in...
  9. leffykit

    MtF Transsexuals - A Question

    For me it started at a young age from the time i was around 7 I was always watching girls in a sort of jealous way. they got to be/do/act in a way i fet far more akin to than what was laid out infront of me as a boy. I always felt something was wrong with me, I was a boy but preferred playing...
  10. leffykit

    What's the best concert you've been to?

    Would definitely have to be Muse during their Augmented reality tour back in '10. 75.8 thousand people singing Guiding light in perfect harmony in a world class stadium lit only by stage lights and the twinkling of lighters and phone torches. Followed by Matt coming out and getting me a free...
  11. leffykit

    Where do they get these get diapers?

    looks like a tena slip or tena slip maxi with a couple of stuffers. I've used quite a few of their ranges and I've never had one that thick straight out of the pack
  12. leffykit

    niki minaj

    To sum up my view of her: I thought I was at a niki minaj concert for 10 minutes the other day, then realised I was just watching a homeless guy shouting at a pidgeon
  13. leffykit

    Who here has a nap time during the day?

    Its become a regular habbit for me on my days off, thanks to my bf prompting them whenever we're together (head stroke induced naps are impossible to resist). Usually I only nap for 45mins to an hour around 3-5pm. however if im tired from late shifts at work i can sleep for 2-3 hours and end up...
  14. leffykit

    For the Bronies & Pegasisters

    I normally complain when I see posts saying the following, but....^this. Not a super big fan of RD, but that's just me. o.o i want this shirt
  15. leffykit

    Who diapers you

    occasionally I'll pad myself, but more often than not it'll be my bf Kayfanx (a.k.a my daddy dook) who does it. He doesn't always do it tight though, but he's recently got to the point he can change me while I'm asleep which was weird the first time. (I'm a very heavy sleeper)
  16. leffykit

    What makes people so certain the following is a "male only" problem?

    im MtF and suffer from this, though mines been confirmed as a mild fecal incontinence. very much my original reason for getting diapered way back when
  17. leffykit

    Wanting to get a dog collar, odd??

    I've been wearing mine near 24/7 for three years now (yes it gets an occasional wash and comes off for work) its second nature to me for it to be there and if im honest, I feel naked and incomplete without it now. its part of who i am as it gives an indication of my interests and lifestyle...
  18. leffykit

    Yikes, caught while buying.

    Given the levels society has slipped to and the fact you mentioned you're in college, he might assume you have a kid already and simply chose to keep it private.
  19. leffykit

    Collars: Sexual or Emotional?

    For me it's a little of both. It's comforting because it symbolises someone (my bf) is always going to be there for me and cares about me. (it has both my name and his on) On the other hand it's representative of our more mature lifestyle choices including the furry spin on the classic Dom/sub...
  20. leffykit

    Really awesome story! Oh my god!

    its definiety intersting and ironic, they were all hiding that side of themselves at first so none of them knew, but it turned out they were all hiding the same secret and wouldnt have had to hide it at all had they known from day 1. I can think of quite a few furhouses over here, including a...