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  1. Tweek


    So, How bout that Hurricane? Earl is a Category 4 Hurricane that's predicted to head north along the East coast. Earl is predicted to be a Major Hurricane (wind speed greater than 110 MPH) up past NYC. National Hurricane Center Atlantic Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook Hurricane EARL...
  2. Tweek

    I'm back

    I just got back from my trip.
  3. Tweek

    Particle Accelerator

    I was wondering what other people's opinions about this Particle Accelerator. I don't think anything bad is going to happen, but then again know one know for sure what will happen Particle Accelerator Speeds Into an Age of "New Physics" -
  4. Tweek


    Watch out DMV, Hanna's coming. it's already going though the Carolinas. then it's supposed to go all up the north east. It's starting to rain hard.
  5. Tweek

    Learning Disabilities

    I was wondering how many people on this site have Learning Disabilities? Examples: ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia...
  6. Tweek


    Tomorrow is my second, first day of 11th grade. when do you all start?
  7. Tweek

    Hi from DC

    Hi, my name is Eric. I was born in DC and live inside the beltway in Maryland. I'm GTLD and got held back a year. there are 10-15 story buildings behind my house and helicopters fly low over my house every hour on average. The police station is just two blocks away so I here sirens a lot.