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  1. jter42

    Traumatizing events leading to actual mental/physical regression.

    Well in the past 2 years many things have happened to me that have been huge changes in my life. 1 of the big one's is my mom buying a farm and moving. Which the result was me living on my own paying bills at age 16 and through 17. I was so, so, alone in that place. It was living hell, sometimes...
  2. jter42

    I'm back, but lifes changed.

    Well turned 18 two days ago, and I've decided to come back to ADISC. Ever since the 18+ rule kicked in so, so, much has happened in my life. I've come out to family and friends as being gay, got my heart broken by a guy, then found someone who put it back together. Ended up moving in with him...
  3. jter42

    Tips to cut down on wet nights, and leaks.

    Hey I just wanted to ask, Anybody know any tricks to cut down on the number of wet nights you have? I'm really trying to start becoming more proactive at ending my bed-wetting problem. It's come back as of a few months ago due to stress, and it's driving me mad. I'm up to about 4/7 wet nights a...
  4. jter42

    Fur Suits, Ear's, and Tails.

    Hey I just wanted to ask who is a good person to commission a Fursuit from? I'm trying to buy one, and just don't know where to go about looking to commission one. Also what would the price be for a quality suit? I also have a question for the people with the fake tail and ear's. Where is a...
  5. jter42

    Favorite Skyrim moment's!

    What's everyone's favorite parts of the game, or situations that have happened to you? Personally my favorite part has been Dawnguard and joining Stormcloaks to take back Skyrim.
  6. jter42

    Cha Cha's answer to: "What is a Furry?"

    I got bored and texted Cha Cha to see if they could define a furry. Their answer was: "Furries are the scum of the earth, they are most likely to die alone. Furries are so ugly they make *forgot persons name* look attractive." Now that's not all of it, just some to give you an idea. I just...
  7. jter42

    This is random.

    In the bible it say's if 2 men sleep together it's an abomination *sp?* Now what about 2 women sleeping together? Doesnt say anything about that now does it? :laugh: Sorry I just thought of that, and had to share lol
  8. jter42

    How to commission Tavi Munk's art?

    Has anyone every commissioned anything from Tavi Munk? I love his artwork, and want my fursona drawn by him. I just cant find out how to commission something from him >.<! Also if anyone know's can you post the site for me, Thanks in advance!
  9. jter42

    Alot of furry comedy being shown on tv lately.

    I was watching Tosh.0 a couple week's ago, and they showed Danielle Tosh wearing a full fursuit! A couple day's before that I was watching American Dad and they had yet another furry mention! It showed a banner that said "Fur Con" and there were ton's of people in fursuit's at it. The American...
  10. jter42

    Back (Again)~!

    Sorry about posting another one of these, but it's been a long time. I'm back on ADISC now from a long break. I've just had alot of stuff going on in my life. Anyway I just wanted to tell everyone that I'm back, and I wanted to appologize to those people who I just left hanging. I'm glad I'm...
  11. jter42

    It's been awhile huh?

    Never thought I'd be posting here again. It's been months since I've logged on or posted. I've changed over these months, but these feeling's just dont seem to deminish. This is insane though, honestly I dont see why I'm still into this stuff. Well that's it pretty much.
  12. jter42

    I have returned!

    Well kind of, I havnt been really on the computer as much anymore. My grandmother left yesterday, so now I can stop being so sketch about everything. I had to take a break from wearing, and such, due to the fact that it'd be too awkward to explain. I've also changed quiet a bit since I last...
  13. jter42

    The Satyrical Welcome back thread!

    1st, if mods feel the need to move this to off topic, go ahead. Now I had an idea, since me, and Satyrical are pretty good friends, I wanted to give him a big welcome back! Now, all that you guys, and girls need to do is this: Just post here with a warm welcome back post! Satie has been a...
  14. jter42

    Lucky, lucky, weekend!

    Alright this happened last weekend so you know. I wasnt expecting anyone and was just lounging around the house. Then my mom said theres 2 girls at the door. So I got up, and to my surprise it was one of the girls I really liked! She asked me if I wanted to go out, so I said awsome and ran back...
  15. jter42

    \+/~!!It's my b-day!!~\+/

    Yay todays my birthday!!!! I got a total of 185 bucks hoorah!! So yea well yay!
  16. jter42

    Yay my very close friends a furry~!!

    Wow I cant believe it today in math for some reason I started messing around and acting like a kitten and I told her I was going to draw whiskers on myself. What do ya know? She said to me "Oh my god i love doing that" then she said "If I could get a pair of cat ears I would totally wear them"...
  17. jter42

    Just letting everyone aware.

    Hey everyone I've been gone for some time as you guys know. Got grounded for like 3 weeks so haven't been able to check Adisc lately. Also I got 2 new editions to my stash! I got myself a paci and my very one bottle! I know I don't like pacis because I'm more of a thumb sucker but, the more I...
  18. jter42

    Am i a babyfur?

    Well iv been wondering this for some time and have done research on it. Am i a babyfur if i love the art and cuteness of babyfur fursonas?
  19. jter42

    question about bambinos

    i have a question regarding bambino diapers. are they THICK i mean really really THICK. my version of thick would have to be waddling to say the least
  20. jter42

    forgot to post an introduction

    hey everyone im jter42 *kinda corny but meh* im a teen baby and a diaper lover. my interests include video games, bmx biking, skating, and some other stuff. im really not that great at describing myself but here it goes. im an 8th grader and am making pretty good grades. at my school im kinda...