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  1. Snivy

    I bid farewell

    I've probably said this before but this is definitely goodbye from me and myself. ADISC has changed so much and as much fun as it was growing up with ADISC for my 2 years here (5/14/14), I don't find it as much amusing with its staff members with changing personalities, the new users, and the...
  2. Snivy

    Custom diaper bags

    Hello-o-o. Imma need a favor from the fellow adiscers. Does anyone know any links to any about diaper bags or if better, you can customize your own? My cub is flying this year to visit me and I need a really good one I can purchase of if I can get one custom made for his arrival. He will be a...
  3. Snivy

    One person you should know

    HogansHeroes is one of the greatest sissy bunnies I've ever met. He will stalk you like a hawk and transform you into a sissy in less than 10 seconds. I'd watch out if I were you, he has been one heck of a killer Hee~
  4. Snivy

    Diaper shirt suggestions

    So I'm getting back slowly into the game and I need to buy my baby fox a onesie as for me. He wears a size XXL shirt and I wear XL but i have no knowledge whatsoever. Looking for the ones where changes are easily accessible and can clip a pacifier. What would be a good website to go and search...
  5. Snivy

    Is moo a furry?

    I've always been curious. I think he is since he is a furry cow ^^
  6. Snivy

    Hiya guys! Long time no see!

    Seems like it's been forever huh? I know right? XD Let me get things straight. I used to have two full time jobs but now I have three. 1. College 2. Work 3. Caretaking ...did I say caretaker? Yes I did because last November I adopted a cub named Meters Progress and for the last 2 months, i've...
  7. Snivy

    Ever had that vision?

    For some strange reason, I drove past a park last week and there was a sandbox but this image of this user, was in my head and I could picture him doing what he was doing in his avatar. D: The fursona tyger, not the IRL human himself. Have you...
  8. Snivy

    Weight question

    I'm being a bit stupid but I need to ask a question :p please I plan on losing weight again because I am 159LB and need to go back to the near 150's like 149 or 150LB but I was informed waist size and everything else shrinks and I am curious if I am still able to fit into snuggie waddles...
  9. Snivy

    Show off your paci!

    I need to know some sizes of the teats of different pacifiers so would anyone mind showing off their pacifier?
  10. Snivy

    Bug Report Pictures

    None of the attachments will load at all! WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE WITHOUT SELFIES!!!
  11. Snivy

    A sign?

    I am literally confused so I may need some mind help o.o (i've been padless for awhile because of an incident so feel free to follow up right here: and the earlier response to that ordeal...
  12. Snivy

    Clash of Clans

    Who plays this game from time to time? I find the game addicting and I got this game last week, already at town hall 6.
  13. Snivy

    Boeing Disaster

    {{Grammar, prefixes, tenses, and pickup traces should all be fixed now. Again, this is not a diaper story so if you came for that, please proceed somewhere else}} **I apologize if this is not a diaper story but please refrain from posting comments such as "why are you posting a story like this...
  14. Snivy

    Suggestion Giving Rep Approval Feature

    I just realized something about the rep points. If we are given points, the side of the bar shows the following, [Report] [Reported to Mods] [Verified by Mods] And if it's not approved, it just disappears which is fine. but how come we don't have a similar option on this to rep points we give...
  15. Snivy

    Opinions on 24/7 (constant) padded

    Of course I plan on being 24/7 when I move out but that is a few years from now. As of right now, I would like opinions from people who wear 24/7 for fun, by choice, or because of it. What is different from wearing whenever to wearing 24/7 by choice or by fun and what is it like? Just kinda...
  16. Snivy

    Your Friends Introduction Music

    Whenever you see (or talk to your friend) do you have a certain type of song playing in your head that resembles them or put their faces in the music with you? Think of it as getting closer to your friends and hoping none of your fight with one another. I have a list because I care about my...
  17. Snivy

    Bug Report Featured post names

    Ok, I am looking at Tyger up their four times and it all leads to the same post... Either he is THAT popular, it's a small bug, or nobody has repped anyone in awhile and the system is repeating itself...
  18. Snivy

    Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde

    The end-result said that the Concorde would never fly again due to high maintenance costs, fuel prices rising, and the reputation of the July 25th 2000 incident of Air France 4590. The thing about those three is here, The Maintenance costs went down...
  19. Snivy

    Technical Question Guest Access

    So guests are no longer allowed to browse thru forums anymore. I didn't feel like signing in to view a thread and now I have to. Is this the work of Moo's doing?
  20. Snivy

    Technical Question Storage Space

    I haven't seen the storage space number anywhere on the page where I upload a picture to ADISC. Has that been phased out or do Top Contributors get unlimited space? It says for example, "DC's get more storage space" and "TC's get same stuff as a DC would" --------------- Not just that, the...