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  1. Moo

    Why not minors

    You posted this in the DT forum. Threads about site matters like this belong in either admin stuff, or requests. Thread has been moved. You don't know why ADISC is 18+. Guessing won't get you anywhere either. Stop making assumptions. You have no idea. You are NOT qualified to judge, or to...
  2. Moo

    Comment by 'Moo' in media 'RED-ab pictures.jpg'

    Please note, if you are posting a group photo, you need permission from everyone in the photo.
  3. Moo

    Dark theme.

    Scroll to the bottom of the page. See the "Default style" text? Click that. Then click "Shades of Grey".
  4. Moo

    Big full diaper fetish

    Just so you know, wearing used diapers is considered unsanitary around here. That's why your thread was locked. Please do not re-create it.
  5. Moo

    Forum Update (2.2.5)

    A minor patch update has been done to upgrade our forums to v2.2.5. This is a bug-fix release. It is only fixing bugs, no substantial features have been added. You can see the list of all bugs fixed here. As always, if you notice anything go wrong after this patch, please tell me.
  6. Moo

    You know what it's about time me give this crap up anyway..

    Please reach out to some qualified medical professionals for help with your depression. Seriously, its important that you do. As to closing your account, see our closure policy: Per the policy, your account in particular is not...
  7. Moo

    Where my Auckland ABDL’s at? 🥲

    Welcome. Please bear in mind that we're not a dating site, we frown on "anyone in X" type posts. I'm sure you'll find friends though if you start joining conversations about stuff that interests you.
  8. Moo

    Is B4NS still in business?

    Hey. So you know: 1) You can't post the same post 10 times in a row. I had to delete a bunch of copies. 2) Anything you post that has an email, link, etc is gonna have to get moderator approval before it appears. Generally we don't permit the posting of email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Such...
  9. Moo

    Cloudflare 1020 Error

    VPNs get blocked regularly. Some of the blocks are temporary. Some are permanent. The general trend though is that we're blocking more and more of them over time, and for longer and longer periods. You're better off not using a VPN. I agree with you about valuing your privacy, but VPNs don't...
  10. Moo

    Cloudflare 1020 Error

    Try turning off your VPN. Your ISP does not care about you visiting ADISC. VPN providers get blocked sometimes, due to people misusing them. When someone abuses a VPN to try to break rules, we have little recourse but to block all usage of that VPN.
  11. Moo

    How do you add an image to a post, profile text, or thread?

    I just tested it (by sending you one in a conversation). It seems to work. Also you're a Contributor, not an Established Contributor. You need to rank up to EC (20 posts, a week of membership, etc) before you can open private conversations with other members.
  12. Moo

    Apple/iPhone Users & Discord

    Discord recently announced new changes that will ban all adults from accessing 18+ Discord servers on their phones or other Apple devices. If you currently use an Apple device (phone, tablet, etc) and value the ability to access 18+ content, you should probably look into eventually replacing...
  13. Moo App?

    This is a Progressive Web App based on our forum software. Not all devices / phone versions support them. That's why not everyone sees the option.
  14. Moo

    Your stash!

    Please use the sticky thread at the top of the forum, that is what it is there for.
  15. Moo

    The question that shouldn’t be asked

    If we find out someone is a minor, we ban them. Unfortunately, many adults are naive, so the fact someone is naive isn't good reason to assume they're young.
  16. Moo

    Should minors be allowed here

    Minors will never be allowed here. Also, ADISC is not a democracy and you can't enact any changes by voting.
  17. Moo

    Gender On Profiles

    Due to a member's suggestion, I've decided to change the way ADISC handles gender on member profiles. The old way was that there was a "Sex" profile field, which had the options "Male", "Female" and "Private". That is now gone. The new way is that there is a "Gender" profile field, where you...
  18. Moo

    Exposing your diaper purposely

    Deliberately exposing your underwear in public is wrong. Regardless of the type of underwear, or the high you may get from doing it. You're pushing your own stuff on other people. Don't do it.
  19. Moo

    Regarding Sex as an option in Profile

    The "Sex" field (radio buttons) has been replaced with a "Gender" field (which is a write-in text box).
  20. Moo

    A decent film maker.

    Moved to Blogs.