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  1. kevindhca

    Your input requested

    I am helping a diaper manufacturer with design and sizing of their products and would appreciate your input on the best dimensions for the different sizes.:biggrin: Please indicate what size you think you are. Small, Medium, or Large I need some measurements: 1) Waist size 2) Diaper width...
  2. kevindhca

    U.S. Health bill passes

    WOW!! I almost can't believe it, I thought for sure it would be defeated. I hope all the Americans who are without healthcare will now have a way to get medical treatment. I hate hearing the horror stories from the States. Just last week my mother-in-laws neighbor cut his hand pruning with a...
  3. kevindhca

    Galaxy Diapers

    Galaxy is a company that has been making flat bed pads for a long time and now they have started making adult diapers. They are working a business model that cuts out the distributers and sells direct from the manufacturer to the consumer. The diapers are made in China and the company is based...
  4. kevindhca

    My new cow

    I just got a new cow over the weekend, and took a couple of pics of her. No name yet, we'll see what her personality is like before we give her a name. She's a Dexter cow. That's a breed of cow that is on the small side, about 800 lbs. max weight. She's two yrs. old, which is pretty much full...
  5. kevindhca

    Stanley Cup 2009

    Who do you want to see win the Stanley Cup this year? I am cheering for the home team: The Vancouver Canucks This year I think we actually have a chance to take the cup. Game one tonite, 10:00pm EDT
  6. kevindhca

    Space Station/ Shuttle viewing

    Last night, I got a excellent view of the space shuttle just after it undocked from the space station. It was really cool, seeing the shuttle flying just a little ahead of the station and slowly pulling away, as it moved to a different orbit in preparation for landing. The undocking occured at...
  7. kevindhca

    Just a Question?

    I have noticed sometimes I see usernames and text with a line through them. How is that done? Thanks to all that can help.
  8. kevindhca

    What happened?

    Did something happen? Why is all rep now visible? What did I miss? Just wondering, if you can answer this, Thanks.
  9. kevindhca

    I need help with a database

    I am setting up a webserver on my adsl line, for access to my family only. It's going to be a place for picture sharing, family news, etc. I would like to place a small forum on this server, but I am new to databases and need a bit of a tutorial. I need advice to find a free database( if that...
  10. kevindhca

    Network Genius !!

    I work at a few large retail stores, and last week all the workstations lost access to the network, at one of the stores I work at. I go to different stores every day on a weekly schedule. I was busy at the time so I didn't really look into it, and the store called in Nerds on Wheels to fix...
  11. kevindhca

    Looking for advice on new desktop

    I'm looking into getting a new desktop computer, and would like some advice on selecting a good system. I'm technically competent and could assemble the components if neccessary. My current system is: AMD 1800+ cpu on a K7S5U motherboard with 512mb RAM, Nvidia mx400 video card with extra fan...
  12. kevindhca

    back to newbie

    Why am I back to newbie? It's only been a week or so since I last logged on. How long do I stay a newbie this time? It's OK, I'm back to regular. Thanks
  13. kevindhca

    Newbie? How long?

    Just wondering how long does a person remain a "newbie"?
  14. kevindhca

    hello all

    Hi, I am 42m and have worn for more than 20yrs. I have read a little of the forum and am happy that this seems to be a sane, intelligent, respectfull place. I like the really absorbent plastic backed diapers, abena x-plus, bambinos, secure x-plus, etc. I am very handy, and as a result I am very...