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  1. Death Angel

    what are the odds lol

    ok this is sad tho but our family dog just gotten ran over like 30 min. ago :sad::sad::sad: and I'm very sad but my mom is sad the most. she told me to put up all of Bella's (the dog) stuff. so i was getting all her stuff out of the closit,then i found 11 Sure Care shields great ugh. but tell...
  2. Death Angel


    Hey Guys, Sorry I havent been on for a few weeks. you know life and stuff. So some peopleput tapes and patches on there diapers . I do and im a Sonic fan.:sonic::sonic::sonic: Heres My Tapes and Patches Sonic
  3. Death Angel

    Are wallgeens Good

    on the skall 1-10 how good are wallgreen's diapers. how good do they hold on wettness, how comfortable r they, and how good r there price. pls vote and tell me why. TY.
  4. Death Angel

    Me too I did it!

    i also got my first pack! Im wearing my first adult diaper,Finaly a diaper that fits. And it's the walmart brand :cool::D:cool:
  5. Death Angel


    hey what tape of music that you guys listen to. here mine. Demon Hunter YouTube - Demon Hunter - "Infected" YouTube - Demon Hunter - "Not Ready To Die" YouTube - Demon Hunter - "Undying" YouTube - Demon Hunter - "One Thousand Apologies" YouTube - Demon Hunter - "Fading Away" YouTube - Demon...
  6. Death Angel

    Is it good

    hey im tring to get this depend. But is it good? If not what is. DEPEND - Product Information - DEPEND Fitted Maximum Protection
  7. Death Angel

    PAy with cash

    Hey i was thinking of ordering some diapers from North Shore Care but can you pay them with cash and how :cool::cool: also thanks lol:D
  8. Death Angel

    Help me

    I Have a few Q.s 1. How can i get back on bedwetting? 2. How can i reverse my bladder and bowel control but not completely tho 3. my whole life i love wearing diaper were i dont know how i gotten back on it. Since then my parents found my with diapers at least 30 times,but the last time they...
  9. Death Angel

    hi guys

    Hey guys I like your server its really great and nice i came here for some help tho and some Q.s so thank :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: