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  1. DLGrif

    Adult sippy cup

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: The Camelbak. I bought one primarily for use in my martial arts classes, so I wouldn't have to buy bottled water. But then I found that I was drinking from it constantly every day, filling and refilling occasionally, consuming 4-5L which is about twice...
  2. DLGrif

    Gifting on first date

    I'm meeting a pretty cute girl for the first time later tomorrow. We met on OKCupid, and we messaged for a few days. Lots of similar interests, quirky personality. We're both chill people, nerdy types who don't leave the house much, and the chances are we'll be going to the boardwalk strictly...
  3. DLGrif

    Impounded car, expired tags

    My car's been impounded for being parked on a side street with an expired tag. I need to do this quickly to avoid compounded impound fees. The car was licensed and registered in PA. I have a valid PA driver's license, valid insurance card, and an expired US Passport. To renew my registration in...
  4. DLGrif

    Perfect clone

    Here's the scenario. At some time in the next few days, whenever is convenient, a perfect clone of you pops into existence. It is you in every way: same age, same memories, same exact thought pattern, except he/she is a few feet away from you. From this moment on, you are separate...
  5. DLGrif

    Karaoke selection

    Several sites list karaoke songs that everybody should know, but some of the lists are horribly outdated, with things like Bohemian Rhapsody (too long) and Piano Man (too hackneyed) and not enough of the newer catchy songs that are still on the radio. I'm asking for help in choosing songs to...
  6. DLGrif

    Practical sleeper use

    I just moved into a house in Philly and found out the furnace is slightly broken. My good friend/roommate and I were complaining to each other that it was cold, even wearing a coat and sleeping under several blankets. I ended up wearing my sleeper to bed after the first night, and even offered...
  7. DLGrif

    Incontinence Research Paper

    A few years ago I did a research paper on urinary incontinence for my Human Body class (a combination of biology and anatomy). Here it is. ===================== Urinary incontinence is defined by an involuntary loss of urine from the body. This condition, along with fecal incontinence, is...
  8. DLGrif

    Morality/feasibility of RMT

    My business-minded friend asked me about the feasibility of playing video games for money. Certain games like Starcraft require a skill and precision that's outside our level, but MMORPGs tend to reward patience and creativity over player skill. He sees a potential for making money this way...
  9. DLGrif

    Suppliers in Norway?

    I have a friend who needs some padding, and I suggested the Abena X-Plusses, but he says the shipping costs to Norway are nearly twice the cost of the product itself. Does anybody have any resources, links, or suggestions for good diaper suppliers in Norway or another European country?
  10. DLGrif

    Non-AB problem: Delayed sleep

    Summary: My body clock is shifted back about 4 hours. I go to bed after 2 AM and feel depressed after that time. How would you deal with it? I can happily go to bed as early as 10 PM and as late as 5 AM (and now and then not at all). My median bedtime is around 2 AM, simply because I fail...
  11. DLGrif

    Dear Sega: Make a movie, not another game.

    The 3D Sonic games, especially Sonic 2006 and Unleashed, had really awesome FMVs. In Sonic 2006 Shadow pulls a crowning moment of awesome by removing his power-inhibiting rings and blasting through a sea of Mephiles clones. Sonic, on top of that, saves Elise from a crashing Eggman airship by...
  12. DLGrif

    Stress bedwetting, isolated incident

    There was a time two and a half years ago when I was really getting into ABDL, wearing Abenas nonstop for weeks, and only using the toilet for #2. At some point, I totalled my car, broke up with my very close mate, and had my unpleasant older brother move in with me, all within a one-week span...
  13. DLGrif


    When indecision is caused by many layers of thought, does that indicate great depth, or great confusion? I am seriously hesitant to describe my problem on this forum, because I am certain the majority of the responses will prematurely diagnose it as withdrawal or purging of diapers. It is true...
  14. DLGrif

    Invincibility, or immortality?

    I've asked this of many of my friends as a point of curiosity. I have very specific definitions for both. Invincibility is the condition that you will never die except by old age. If this is too ambiguous, then you may die at exactly 120 years of age. Your body will never suffer illness or...
  15. DLGrif

    Grif here, ready to share his support.

    I'm new here, so I'll just launch into it. I'm a babyfur, identifying as a common housecat. Avatar to follow soon. I'm currently 20 years old, and feel pretty secure in my diaper interests. It seems to be coexisting quite nicely with my real life, which has improved markedly from my gained...