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  1. Crinklesaur

    I have finally entered Littlespace!!! :D

    Well, I got home from work at around 6 PM or so, and after putting a diaper on and clutching my stuffed frog with a Pacifier in my mouth and the Lion King 2 on my Surface, I finally managed to enter littlespace! I've grown uncharacteristically giddy and hyperactive, I have begun speaking and...
  2. Crinklesaur

    Is it normal for an adult male to ageplay as a little girl?

    I've recently started ageplaying as a little girl, and find it for fulfilling than ageplaying as a little boy. Is this normal?
  3. Crinklesaur

    Cloth-backed diapers leaking

    I've recently started wearing again on an intermittent basis, and I am finding it impossible to wet lying down on my side without leaking and wetting my bed in the process. I am currently wearing Walgreens Certainty/CVS cloth-backed diapers. How do I deal with this?
  4. Crinklesaur

    "Official" Age-Play/ABDL "Pride" merchandize In anticipation of Pride in June, I found (courtesy of Houston Pride) a website section for various fetishes, amongst which were Age-play/ABDL. I LOVE that we are being represented in some form or fashion in a Pride context. Check...
  5. Crinklesaur

    How did you guys get Mommy's/Brothers/Sissy's within ADISC?

    I always see people referencing caretakers and the like in their signatures and on IRC, presumably other ADISC members. If ADISC discourages "hooking up" and the like, how did you guys manage to get into that dynamic?
  6. Crinklesaur

    Got Cloth diapers and Plastic Pants, no pins. Help!

    I finally managed to purchase some plastic pants and a cloth diaper, but my pins never arrived, and to make matters worse, the pins I did order turned out to be too small. :( I live with my parents, so I can't just ask them to get me diaper pins. For all intents and purposes, I have everything...
  7. Crinklesaur

    I got a pair of LeakMaster PUL plastic pants and a LeakMaster cloth diaper

    I just purchased my first pair of cloth diapers and plastic pants, both from LeakMaster on Amazon. It was between LeakMaster and BabyPants as far as the diapers and pants were concerned. Overall I spent about 57 dollars and some change, here's hoping that I actually made a smart purchase...
  8. Crinklesaur

    Baby Pants Training Pants, shrinkage?

    I'm about to invest in a pair of plastic pants and training pants from Baby Pants, and I was wondering whether I should go with a Large or a Medium. I have a 32 inch waist, so medium would be good for me right off the gate, but I hear that the shrinkage is substantial, about 15-20 percent. In...
  9. Crinklesaur

    Undecided: Toy Story Woody Doll, Cloth Diapers, or Lego?

    Decisions decisions... I have 53 dollars in Amazon Credit right now, and I most certainly cannot afford both the Woody Doll and the Cloth Diapers. I've never played with Lego before (never really had an interest) and was wanting to invest in a starter kit to get my creative juices budding...
  10. Crinklesaur

    How to "play" with toys?

    I know this might seem like a weird predicament, but I basically don't know how to "play" with toys anymore. It was easy when I was 8, heck, even 10 or 11. Now though, I have no idea how to go about playing with toys... I guess it's part of that "little headspace," perhaps... When I try to...
  11. Crinklesaur

    Best Cloth non-disposable ABDL diaper?

    I'm looking for an inexpensive non-disposable cloth diaper that can replace having to keep buying disposables. Does anybody have any recommendations? I currently have a 25 dollar budget.
  12. Crinklesaur

    I think Misty and Ash share a mother/child relationship

    I posted this to Reddit, but there was no reception to it whatsoever. :( I feel that there are enough inferences in the Anime to support this assertion. For one, Misty appears to care for Ash on a level consistent with that of a parent taking care of their child. For instance: After Ash's...
  13. Crinklesaur

    Looking for a jingle from my childhood

    I recall this jingle from my childhood, I would hear it on this commercial advertising an album. I usually heard it on I think Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, or some other channel where cartoons were broadcast, think Alvin and the Chipmunks. This was circa 2002-2003 or so. The jingle went like...
  14. Crinklesaur

    Should I get this Cloth diaper?

    My current living situation will not allow me to have a massive stash of diapers, for that reason, I was thinking of going cloth and getting a leakproof diaper. I was looking on amazon and found this...
  15. Crinklesaur

    Goodnites or Tranquility ATNs?

    I'm going to have enough money to spring for either a package of 20 Goodnites, or 24 Tranquility ATN diapers. I was wondering what the opinion of the ADISC community was. Should I opt for the ATNs or the Goodnites?
  16. Crinklesaur

    My Fiance has come full circle!

    Excellent news everybody: My Fiance and I had a talk this morning, he is willing to engage in my fetish, going so far as changing me every once in a while during sex. This is a major breakthrough, and its significance should not be understated :)
  17. Crinklesaur

    Animal Crossing

    I just got myself Animal Crossing New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS. I realized that Animal Crossing holds a lot of potential for incorporating regression/ageplaying. Not only can you customize your avatar with clothing of all types, but you can also decorate your home with various sets of...
  18. Crinklesaur

    Huggies pull-ups for 28-30 waist

    I can fit into XL Goodnites, and I am at a 28-30 waist size. Will I be able to put into large huggies pull-ups?
  19. Crinklesaur

    I accidentally pooped myself

    Today I did something I never thought I would do: I accidentally pooped myself. I guess I didn't realize it, but apparently I really needed to go potty, cause when I got into the bathroom and onto the toilet, I saw a brown stain on my underpants.
  20. Crinklesaur

    I have the option of moving in with my parents, but can't wear

    I will be moving back in with my parents for practical reasons, and they will not let me wear diapers or baby items whatsoever. I've tried talking with them but they will not budge. Is it worth it to do it behind their back and hide it from them?