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    Anyone notice when they go without diapers for a few weeks/or shortish time they feel on edge/want to wear more?

    Hey, Do other people feel kinda on edge or not settled when they cant wear for a while? I've recently moved home with my folks for a short interim, as my lease ran out and then I headed overseas; so it was silly getting another place. But now while im back home it has seriously put a end to...
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    Purchase diapers/nappies in Queenstown NZ

    Hey all, I am looking for a shop to purchase tena or other good brand supplies in Queenstown New Zealand when I go there next (likely next month) Does anyone have any info you could share, google is not turning up much. Including medical supply places. I'd prefer to not have to bring enough to...
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    Hi from Sydney, Australia

    Hi there, I am new around here, i'd like to meet like minded people IRL but also verry happy to chat here! Im into snowboarding, rockclimbing and photography.