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  1. bowlduck

    What can I expect from rearz rebel

    I ordered a few of these and I was wondering how these compared to abunivers simple and bambino Classico.
  2. bowlduck

    Attends waist band style,

    I have recently found attends waist band style at the local pharmacy and was wondering if they are any good and if I should get them.
  3. bowlduck

    Expanding my diaper experience

    So I rarely wear due to my living situation, so when I usually do wear i typically use store brand. Then I purge and binge and durning this binge I have noticed that I'm way more comfortable with it. I'm not feeling the guilt I used to feel and I don't know if it's because I don't care if I get...
  4. bowlduck

    Abu simple

    I order a pack of these and I'm so excited to try them out, what should I expect from them?
  5. bowlduck

    Binge purge

    So I am always having a binge purge and I can't get out of this cycle. Up until about a week ago I wanted nothing to do with diapers and now here we go again I just order some. Am I the only one that does this?
  6. bowlduck

    soo this just happend

    I was taping a fresh diaper on and one of the tapes pulled clean off. Luckly it has three tapes on each side(depends protection with taps)
  7. bowlduck

    just got a pacifier

    I just got a pacifier and it is strange how relaxing it is. I am more of a DL but I thought I would try a paci just to see and holy cow I think I am finding a bit of ab in me
  8. bowlduck

    i can feel the start of a binge coming

    Up until five minutes ago I didn't want to wear at all. Right now I have a improvised towel diaper on. If only I had the real thing: (
  9. bowlduck

    which one would you prefere

    I am thinking about try either the ABU Space diaper or the Snuggies waddler overnight. I have read the reviews on both of them but I want to hear what your thoughts are on them and what I can expect from them. Thank you.
  10. bowlduck

    wearing in the shower

    I have done this before but never to the full potential of what the diaper (depends protection with taps) After about 15 minutes it swelled up so much that the tapes failed. It was a fun experience and if you have not done I recommend trying it
  11. bowlduck

    A quick question

    I just ordered a pack molicare super plus. How good are they? I usually wear off the self Wallgreens which are cloth backed. What should I expect?
  12. bowlduck


    Hey i am new to the scene. I am a bit shy and i don't really know what to say so i will start out saying i am a DL that doesn't wear as much as i would want to but i manage. I like to fish, bowl and that is all i got :smile1: