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    What to replace Abena Abri-Form M4's with now they're no-longer plastic?

    Wait, are they not making the plastic backed m4 anymore?
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    A call to Aussies

    I use brightsky to get mine delivered. Sometimes express delivery (same day sydney metro). Aus post takes about 3-4 days. If you ask for discreet shipping on the order it will definitely be discreet in a box. However sometimes they might use some other medical goods box. If its a diaper box...
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    Greetings from Australia

    HI and welcome!
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    Hello from Sydney!

    Hello from Sydney!
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    Hello from Sydney Australia!

    Hello from Sydney Australia!
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    How do you pay?

    cash or credit card. I am the only one looking at receipts & statements.
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    Tricky Situation

    With that many stashed in one room, are you sure they're hidden and not just out of sight :)
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    Diaper Fetish and *B are becoming... more popular?

    edit: read its not 4chan. So what site is it?
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    My Plan Failed

    I concur. I've found talking to each other is a better start than expecting what amounts to sexual favors right off the bat. Edit: I should add she did help, she offered up a place for you to change.. just not he help you wanted..
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    Ugh today's just been a bad day for diapers...

    A few months back I had used the diaper for everything its meant for early in the morning. My flat mates had all left so it was time to emerge from my bat cave.. I head in to the bathroom, take my pjamas and plastic pants off... and turn the tap on... nothing.. for 5 hours. I had a few words...
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    Well I Finally Tried An Abena X-Plus...

    Very much a fan of these. All round best fitting out of everything i have tried too.
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    Anyone notice when they go without diapers for a few weeks/or shortish time they feel on edge/want to wear more?

    Well I ended up driving home solo from the Snow today, 6 hours in the car alone. I stopped off and made a purchase at a chemist on the way.. All is well in the world again. It was a challenge getting it on in the car on the side of the road. Fortunately I didn't need to stop and use the rest...
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    Baby Bouncers Are Dangerous?

    Ever seen a rock climbing harness? If its similar to that in design you should be fine.
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    Diapers at College?

    Hah that is pretty lucky. Are they all DL/ABs too?
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    Diaper run and found purple attends?

    They're going to be much better than depends! Tena super or maxi slip are not to bad either. They are usually the best you can get at regular pharmacy's in Aus. Why not get a box/package express shipped to your hotel? Im considering do this when I visit the USA sometime next year.
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    Anyone notice when they go without diapers for a few weeks/or shortish time they feel on edge/want to wear more?

    Hey, Do other people feel kinda on edge or not settled when they cant wear for a while? I've recently moved home with my folks for a short interim, as my lease ran out and then I headed overseas; so it was silly getting another place. But now while im back home it has seriously put a end to...
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    Meow! Hello from Sydney, Australia =^.^=

    Hi & Welcome!
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    Found this little gem for when you're caught...

    When I was younger I had printed stories off.. bad move.. got confronted in the car... yeah fun times (may have been a story from the D site... my old man understandably went ape shit) I made some bull shit story up about a competition with mates to find the weirdest shit on the net and print...
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    Contemplation... (Need Advice) Raves and Diapers.

    I don't think this is the place for discussions about various drugs and such. Head to any of these links, they have a more candid discussion about substances. Erowid Pill Reports - Ecstasy Test Results Database by Enlighten...
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    Contemplation... (Need Advice) Raves and Diapers.

    People commenting about drugs who've probably never used them..... My advice taking a bag to a rave is always a bit of a pain. You might lose it, security want to look in it. Cops might single you out for a look etc. Also if you're wearing, how comfortable are you with other people seeing...