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    hegel please link directly to that information I find that website disgusting in many ways, and honestly it's rather hard to navigate.
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    By any standard of good parenting...

    How do you look into getting a job at camps? It seems like it'd be a fun experiance and a good way to make cash in this economy.
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    So you're saying it's fecal incontinence but it's not IBS. It's my understanding that constipation is constipation, no matter what changes. But that's pretty interesting to say the least.
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    So what is being said here is that, it's not a time related issue, it can differ completely on who is meant to have it at a younger age? That seems a bit far fetched.
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    For some reason, a lot of doctors and well educated people say that constipation is the leading cause of IBS. I read that it's because the stool hardens and the liquid undigested stool behind it seeps through and leaks outside. So, I have two real questions: 1. How is that possible? 2. I've...
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    This thread is dedicated to Batman.

    The next batman movie will be with twoface and riddler or just twofaced.. Thats obvious. Helloooo? Didn't you see the actor that is going to PLAY two faced?
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    This thread is dedicated to Batman.

    Every batman movie has always been two and a half hours. So is this one.
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    Finally...some peace and quiet.

    Um.. Doing #2 isn't that bad. And since you've got a week. Maybe you should try a laxative or enema.. just to be bold. I mean.. The smell and clean up wont be any issue since you have no nosy people around. (unless you're just plain lazy)
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    wearing a diaper to my exam tomorrow

    Haha, well its brave to wear a diaper and all, but its stupid to do what I did about a year ago. I've been wearing for a long time, maybe five or six years, and last year when exams rolled around I figured: "Hey, lets have some fun." Like you, I only had one test and then I could go home. I...
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    New Idea

    ABnormality would only exist if its opposite did. What is normality? conforming with or constituting a norm or standard or level or type or social norm exact definition.
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    People abusing laxatives for bowel incontinence or irregularity

    I have read zero articles on the matter, because it seems to be something no one is willing to discuss. I admit to having thoughts on the matter, mainly because I know that laxatives are a leading cause of IBS and furthur constipation. I was just wondering if some members of this community knew...
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    Incontinence-causing surgery?

    If the story is told, I certainly want to hear about it.
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    Diapers that are still plastic backed

    Hands down the best and most common store brand: assurance are still plastic backed. Only 8.65 for a pack of 16, LARGE. Three large wettings + messing without a single leak.. just thought i'd say that. lol
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    New Idea

    Normality is a legend, darkfinn. There is no such thing as normal people, only conformity.
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    I think I might have gotten too used to diapers

    Second best? LIES!
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    Video Games And Diapers

    Lol...theres allot the government can and cannot control.
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    real life *B/DL references

    None as interesting as yours - But last year, in class these black students were talking about a senior who came out of the closet as a abdl, but they didn't know what it was. She just told her 'school' friends, and they spread the word that she wore diapers. I defended her, saying that it's not...
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    Wearing diapers in public

    Again applying 'ifs' and 'buts' to your statements. While I can agree - I think it's wrong to put him down in this fashion. A fetish is exactly that, and if he enjoys public exposure, why set your flame guns to 'kill'? I'm not saying he should run around in nothing but a diaper: HE NEVER SAID...
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    I had an accident yesterday.

    You obviously haven't worked before. On to the direct point: Darkfinn, when you work diapered (assuming the main thing you do is lift and pick things up and what not) what is it you do to avoid being caught? Have you told co-workers or your manager? I currently work in a fast food chain, and...