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    Anyone see a way for plastic backed baby nappies to make a return?

    Do you want to try this argument on states that value water?
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    Anyone see a way for plastic backed baby nappies to make a return?

    You would think with the COVID-19, they might bring plastic back. If you ever put plastic pants on over Cloth's back diaper, you notice the Pinholes do leak. The thing is, they leak so small you will not notice the dampness unless you touch the Cloth. Knowing this, anywhere you or your baby...
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    Would you buy this?

    Ink costs money and they will try to double their profit by charging us extra.
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    Diapers when a pullup would work

    With Covid-19 Diapers all the way.
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    Im a bit pissed off

    I would have said are you a little old for little girls Makeup.
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    How to hide diapers in public

    Long shirt. So when you bend over, you don't have your diaper exposed.
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    Plastic Pants for cloth backed disposables

    It is not yet known whether other non-respiratory body fluids from an infected person, including vomit, urine, breast milk, or semen can contain viable, infectious SARS-CoV-2. The thing is with Cloth Back disposable diapers is they seem to always be damp. So transfer to other fabrics is...
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    Plastic Pants for cloth backed disposables

    With the Higher Strain of COVID-19. Plastic pants for cloth back diapers should be a must.
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    Just wondering..... How i can get a good night sleep

    Note you are drinking normally in the day time and only cut back at night. So dehydration will not be an issue. If anything Have a bottle of water at night to get a drink.
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    Mexican goodnites

    The bad thing is the Older Kids might want the White.
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    Was anyone “allowed” to use their nappies on purpose as a child?

    Note with the COVID-19 it best to be afraid, not stupid.
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    Adult Pullups and room for improvements (ABDL)

    Problem is that little eye does not follow directions. Its points in any direction.
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    I ignored the warnings about becoming incontinent... Please help?

    Maybe you should go to the doctor. Because right now, I hear fake news from you. 3 weeks is not going to make you incontinent or have accidental wetting your diapers. Sorry, Bro. I have to agree with Fangs here.
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    Do you wear more now during Covid-19 to avoid public bathrooms?

    I am in 24/7. I not going to risk myself to someone else stupidity.
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    Doctors Appointment. Should I mention it?

    They will send you to another doctor that deals with that issue.
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    Your Diaper Brand Evolution

    I was in cloth plastic pants until 2 years old. Had the fetish young. Paid for depends or attends at age 16. I had surgery with kidney stones, which cause issues at 17, and use Attends and Depends on school plastic back at the time. Before surgery. Only use a diaper at night until I was...
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    Voting diapered.

    See, I live in an area that has a small population. So most of them don't use a mask even though it mandatory. So Youtube and FB videos show a non Mask user Karens. These videos are people who ignore Mask Mandates.
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    Voting diapered.

    I mail mine in. We have too many stupid Karens in California.
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    changing your wet diaper do wipe or just put on fresh diaper ?

    I think it comes down to what you are drinking or eating. Some stuff doesn't smell that much. So you might wipe less that day.
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    Voting diapered.

    I voted already in a diaper on Oct. 8. That COVID CRAP scare me.