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    Learning 360 videos/360 photos

    It a wild topic, I know. But I try to learn this 360 Videos I working on a rough mountain trail in my area. Now with the 360 Photos I looking to hit realtors companies and trying to make money. Right now sitting idle because a family member has COVID-19. I would love to know what software...
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    Elite Dangerous

    Who plays Elite Dangerous and what type of ships do you all run. I have Two accounts. First account has Anaconda Being built to be an Exploration ship. Cutter, Large trade ship Krait MKII Combat ship. Second account has Anaconda being built for starting of Exploration.
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    My Crazy Ex Tv show

    Well not sure of the station But it called My Crazy Ex. but it was funny. This woman meets a guy and has a relationship with him. He invites her to his house. The guy seems well off and everything. He show her the house there one room he avoid showing her. A few days later she find the...
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    Cloth Diaper/pull up concerns

    Has anyone tried this. Have cloth back diaper or Pull up disposable and wet and felt the outer cloth being damp. And I not talking about 2 or 3 floods. Just one. Let take Abri-Flex. One wetting feel outside the wet area. After doing that. Then do the same test. But with clean Cloth Back or...
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    Diapers save my Groin area

    Well I had a small accident with my Hot Coffee. I had a wet Bianco on and knock hot coffee on my groin area. Only got first degree burns on my legs. But the Groin area was protected by plastic back diapers :sweatdrop:. I don't think the cloth back diapers would of protected that area as well.
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    Crazy Night Watching CCR Concert and casino.

    Yep it was Clearwater Revisited. A few Member was not there. But it was great. What I did because I was driving 100+ Miles was Double diaper with a Insert First Diaper was a Total dry X plus and Quadro which also smells like my mom Perfume. So hiding that smell was easy. Then I Put on a...
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    ATV/Quads, Motorbike, Off roading

    I posted them all. I think it would be a neat subject to talk about Riding and how you like to ride. I just got a 04 Handa 250cc. I have a friend trying to convince me to do the Los Vegas to Reno Best in the Desert run. It a little to warm for my taste. Even with my ATV Modified with the K N...
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    Off roading ATV or Trucks.

    Been Riding a friend ATV Honda 400. It fun. Been riding in Hungary Valley CA. Some nice trails There. What are you all riding. What locations.
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    Gopro 4

    Was not sure where to put this. But my friend across the street had me order the go pro 3 a few month ago. I was impressed. So before Fathers day I order the Go pro 4. I hope to mount it in the front of a atv helmet.
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    cats claw and diapers.

    Most of you have a basic idea what happen. Cat walks across diapers and leaves small pin hole in the diapers :frown:. Now I can do either use them as double diapers. Where the ones with holes in them inside another diapers or use plastic pants.
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    Star Citizen breaks guinness book of world records

    As you all know I into space sim type game. Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous. But what I am here to tell you. Star Citizen broken the Guinness book of world record of Crowd Funding of 55 Million. Star Citizen...
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    New pets

    I use to have Tokay Geckos for a long time. But when I move up in the mountains they died due to a real cold draft from my door in the Winter time. :( The temp would drop around 45 F to 50 F. It did not matter what I did. Tape Cloth and other things it was cold. Well in September They are...
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    Elite Dangerous and Oculus Rift

    Well I been playing Elite dangerous and I hope to buy Oculus Rift when all the bugs are out. But to understand how big Elite Dangerous will be in space you will be dealing with 400,000,000,000 stars and yes that 11 zeros. This is a little info...
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    Games Soon to be released.

    Unlike the topic What Video Games Are You Currently Playing?. This topic is about games you are waiting to be released. Or are currently in Alpha and Beta stage. They could be in PC or Console type games. Game name Describe the type of game it going to be real time, Sim, Will you be able to...
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    Diaper AC :P

    I live in the CA. It still get around 100 F to 115 F. I think I found a way to keep my diapers cool while outside. This will work for Disposable diapers cloth or plastic back, Pull up & cloth diapers. 1 First you need to buy cloth inserts something like Diaper Booster cut a hole in the...
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    Elite Dangerous

    Well some of the old timers might remember Elite in 1984 flying a Cobra Mark III. Or Elite Plus in 1991 where you had Trading, Bounty Hunter, Pirate, Carrie Service, Mining and passenger Service. Some of us might have tried Oolite. Basicly taken the game Elite and edited so it had better...
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    frist time buying a Pacifier

    LOL can t believe I order one. I been wondering what they where like. I order from basic type. Low cost. because I don't remember having one as a baby. But I was If I like it. I will buy another if not it no skin off my nose. I remember the old fashion round Pacifier.
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    Trick for Belly sleepers

    I would like to hear trick that people use for disposable diapers. For people who sleep on there Belly. 1 This one work for me was buy one diaper size larger then what your use to. Put the diaper on backwards. Then fold the front inwards. I know strange idea. 2 Plastic pants 3 Cloth...
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    Who going to See the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey?

    I know I will. I known about the movie for a while. Been a Lotr Fan for a long time. I have not been to the Movies in 15+ years. It took the Hobbit to bring me back to the Movies. I am Epic player in Lord of the Rings Online. 2 Life time Accounts and 20+ Toons and counting lol.
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    Lotro Riders of Rohan

    Is anyone play Lord of the rings Online. Today they are releasing Riders of Rohan. You can get up to level 85. At level 75 you can have Mounted combat. Which I already tried tried it out and is really cool. Story lines really good and the game free 2 play up to level 85. You can earn...