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    ABDL Checklist: Survey of your interests.

    Diapers [x] - I enjoy wearing diapers. [x] - I use my diapers for their intended purpose. [x] - #1 [ ] - #2 [ ] - I wear them in a public setting. [ ] - I change them, privately, in public places. [x] - I change my own diapers. [y] - A caretaker changes me. [x] - Diapers are a comfort thing. [...
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    Sleeping with a dummy/pacifier

    I always breath with my nose while sleeping so my paci doesn't affect my breathing. Usually when I fall asleep with my paci, I find i fallen from my mouth in the morning.
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    Which would you prefer??? <Your Perfect Fantasy World>

    Definetly the latter. It's just something I'm not uncomfortable with but something I don't want to be a part of me.
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    at times?

    Umm... lemme think. No, no and no! I would find it disturbing on certain occasions + I want to control when I wear diapers.
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    What do you wear when it's time to goto bed?

    Diaper and a shirt. Then occasinally I suck my pacifier.
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    Coffee or tea - the age-old question!

    Coffee! No sugar, no milk, just pitch black coffee ('tho coffee never is pitch black)
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    Did your school ever have Pyjama Day?

    Nope never had one.
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    Initiation day at High School

    There were a tradition in my country where every year the fresh high school students used to dress up as something the elder students chose. One year they were assinged to dress as babies, another year as cows but the tradition was ended because of students being drunk and/or teasing and...
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    What did your mental health professional say?

    I've never told 'cos I've never visited any shrinks and if I happen to visit one I never would tell him about my AB-side.
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    Bullyed / Picked on...was you ?

    I was bullyed the whole 6yrs of elementary school but I doubt it have had any impact with my ABism as I wanted to be a baby before I went to school. And I was never bullied by any imparticular reason. One time one bully confessed it was 'cos our principle banned skateboarding on the school yard...
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    Before you bought diapers, did you ever steal them?

    I took diapers first time when I was 5 and has done it ever since 'till I bought my own. But yeah, when I was young I used to take diapers everytime I could do it without being noticed. I also took some baby bottles and pacifiers but always returned them.
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    Random Daily Diaper/*B References

    One time when I was 5 or 6 our relatives came to visit us with their baby. The baby's mother was changing his diaper and hid dad came to me. "*mynamehere* How long it's been since you were last changed?" - "I don't know" - "You don't know? Then we should change your diaper." " *baby's mom's name...
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    AB/DL/TB as stress relief?

    It's a stress relieve for me but only once in a while. I prefer more playing guitar and band rehearsals are better stress relieve than ABism for me. That's why I don't do AB things much.
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    What diaper are you wearing NOW?

    Hilivinksis cloth diaper.
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    Cell Phone Suggestions?

    I don't like Samsung at all. I've tried a few and they all sucked 'cos of their interface. I say go with Nokia. It's the best brand I've ever tried.
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    Can you sleep while diapered?

    For a first few nights it was a bit of a problem for me to sleep with diapers, but then it was no problem and now it doesn't make any difference if I'm diapered or not.
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    Best Song Ever

    Gloria Morti - Until the Wretched Whimper Ajattara - Ikiyössä Discard - Bleeding Lead myGRAIN - Asphyxiated and Inflammable Scorngrain - Cyberwarmachine Diablo - Into the Sea
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    I've been crawling around this site for a couple of months but now got fed up with "pls register to continue viewing topics" -thingy. So now I'm registered :) I've got infantile tendencies for as long as I can remember i.e. stealing a diaper or a paci from my baby brother when I was 4.Now I'm...