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    For some reason, a lot of doctors and well educated people say that constipation is the leading cause of IBS. I read that it's because the stool hardens and the liquid undigested stool behind it seeps through and leaks outside. So, I have two real questions: 1. How is that possible? 2. I've...
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    People abusing laxatives for bowel incontinence or irregularity

    I have read zero articles on the matter, because it seems to be something no one is willing to discuss. I admit to having thoughts on the matter, mainly because I know that laxatives are a leading cause of IBS and furthur constipation. I was just wondering if some members of this community knew...
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    Creativity Spark - How to make your own plastic pants?

    I was curious today and wanted to figure out a way to make your own plastic pants. After experimentation and research, I have yet to find out a way to make a good pair. This does not mean making it out of a trash bag - That would make it noisier and the bag doesn't even hold much, if any at all...