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  1. Lone_Wolf

    I'm Back!

    Well im back! I still see some of the regulars are still active on here. I actually have not left. I've been on time to time just to see whats happening but now im trying to make another appearance. I think the last time i was on here being active was back in 2014ish but i have been here since...
  2. Lone_Wolf

    Diaper score!

    I was recently browsing Craigslist and found 4 packs of medium Dry 24/7 for only $70! What a score!
  3. Lone_Wolf

    Cloth-Like Cushies are back!

    If you have not checked ABuniverse website they have the abu cloth-like cusies up for preorder. It says they should be in around December. I`m so happy since im down to my last four. I know im gonna place an order for a case.
  4. Lone_Wolf

    Peace Out

    Well i'm making a big change in my life and i'm going to leave the community for a long time. I will be in the irc here and their but i don't want to came back to this site. The first step is to leave my past behind so all i can say is Thanks Adisc for all the advice and help and Thanks to the...
  5. Lone_Wolf

    Need Help With Msn Messenger

    Well i have lost all my contacts for my msn account. My phone synced my msn contacts to the laptop so i decided to erase the contacts on my phone then logged onto msn on my mobile and their was not contacts stored so i decide to go on my computer to see if it has changed and it did change and...
  6. Lone_Wolf

    I got Inked

    Earlier today I went in to get a tattoo at 6pm.. after 3 1/2 hours it was done. I got a tribal wolf tattoo on my left upper arm but it is still in the making because im going to add a moon for a background it killed my pocketbook tho but it is well worth it. It was a add on for my tribal and...
  7. Lone_Wolf

    Mario Kart Wii Players

    Hey are there any Mario Kart Wii players here? if so we all should meet up online and race sometime.... my Mario Kart number is 1934-5859-1155 add me as a friend if you like.
  8. Lone_Wolf

    Whats Your New Year Resolution?

    Like the topic said whats your New Year Resolution? for me it is to loose 20 pounds with in 30 days so i can leave this state of mine and join the armed forces.
  9. Lone_Wolf

    Diaper Tabs

    Ok so i was wondering what tabs do you like to use when wearing... the original sticky tabs or or the Velcro tabs. as for me i like the sticky tabs.
  10. Lone_Wolf

    What the AB/DL's don't realize

    Well i was searching a forum and i saw this posted up... what are guys opinions about this?
  11. Lone_Wolf

    NSIS Error

    well im trying to download yahoo messenger 8 but when i download it i keep on getting this message: The installer you are trying to use is corrupted or incomplete. This could be the result of a damaged disk, a failed download or a virus. You may want to contact the author of this installer to...
  12. Lone_Wolf

    Spring is ahead what are you going to be doing?

    Like the Question says, what are you going to be doing for the spring? Me I'm going to go out more and chill in nature every weekend at my cabin since the roads just opened up because of avalanche danger and get my Quad out and have fun its starting to warm up here.
  13. Lone_Wolf

    If you had a chance to become a Furry Would you become one?

    As the question says. ill take the chance to change my life and become one, i don't mind, it doesn't even matter if you want to be a fur or a babyfur.
  14. Lone_Wolf

    New kind of Diaper

    I was surfing the web and found this website that had a great diaper that would fit most waist and it is just right diaper and is only in two different sizes, its called XtremeFit™ by Prevail it sounds good i just filled out the forum for a free sample. here is the web site...
  15. Lone_Wolf

    Favorite Winter Hobbies?

    Hey all i was wondering what is your favorite hobby in the winter?
  16. Lone_Wolf

    Im back

    Yes I'm Back even though i did not actually leave just their was a error with the system. so HI to all i have seen before and HI to the new ones I'm going to meet.