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    New diapering technique to avert flooding issues? (from Japanese video)

    I found the following reddit thread: with these videos: and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with...
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    Disposable Medical Express and Eurobriefs?

    Does anyone know if Eurobriefs and samples packs bought through Disposable Medical Express ( come in discrete packaging? I did some research into some past threads. They said that you can get discrete shipping, which usually works, but some people report they then...
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    Considering the Abena S4?

    I recently got some diapers from XP Medical and tried the Abena M4, Dry 24/7 and a Molicare sample pack. The Abena M4s were a little large on me and the tapes fit weird and bulky in the front when adjusted to prevent leaks. The Dry 24/7s fit similarly although slightly better. The Molicares both...
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    Getting a good fit

    I have some Abena M4s and it is a challenge to figure out exactly how to put them on correctly. I am in the size range for the diaper although somewhat on the smaller side of it. Previous attempts and failures have lead to leaking issues so I am trying to fixup this a bit. Following the guide...
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    Sampling premium diapers and looking for a good fit

    I am going to order some samples of premium diapers online soon and have issues selecting ones at sizes that will fit me. I currently am using Depends size S/M (since my waist size is around 30'') but they lack in absorbancy. They also do not seem to fit right, bunching up after a little bit of...
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    Hello, I am new to this community. I first started using diapers to control a bedwetting issue and then started to enjoy the safety they offer. Otherwise, I simply enjoy playing video games.