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  1. Jacks

    Loveline, Who listens?

    I was an addict to Loveline back when Adam was the funny guy of the show. Now it's kinda tame and Dr. Drew is about the same. -_-
  2. Jacks

    What if...?

    I would take it. There are other brands and they would have to stock up on the brand I choose.
  3. Jacks

    BEST Diaper I can get from Walmart, Target, Kmart?

    Well they are not all that good I mean they are cheap and CVS brand cheap. But if money is not an issue, Depends would be a better choice. Personally I love those CVS brands.
  4. Jacks

    BEST Diaper I can get from Walmart, Target, Kmart?

    Those CVS brand diapers are decent if you're looking for something kinda cheap.
  5. Jacks

    Mistakes you've made with diapers

    Oh rofl!! :giggles:
  6. Jacks

    Anyone else annoyed by Tim & Eric on Adult Swim?

    hahah turn the tv off
  7. Jacks

    Desperate and/or Gross Things You Have Done With Your Diapers...

    A 15 yr old saint?! Holy Jesus.
  8. Jacks

    I told my parents about AB side

    You don't need to repeat yourself. Most people probably can't even look at what you're typing and go ahead this is obviously a troll or someone who lacks very much in time consuming hours.
  9. Jacks

    I told my parents about AB side

    This place deserves to have proper grammar in it's users. Along with any other forum.
  10. Jacks

    Games you love that no one else cares or knows about

    Perhaps some may have heard about the Tribes series. Possibly the best FPS game to come to PC. Though most of the people that continue to play, cannot give up the series. I just play Tribes 2 and somehow people still play that game even when the master servers went down. Anyway here's a link to...
  11. Jacks

    My parents are seriously insane...

    Your mom is whack. She's gotta be on something. Apparently she wants you in jail than in school. Up to her I guess. I suppose you'll be in jail soon if shit doesn't get corrected.
  12. Jacks


    Oh hello. I come from the same location aswell.
  13. Jacks

    So many guests????

  14. Jacks

    Good bye

    Nice going. Hope those hormones work for you.
  15. Jacks

    I had my furry moment

    I think the furries have an reputation as being the after-product of anime television, not necessary a mind bungled child but more so that they convey to being a subject of an animal.
  16. Jacks

    How do you like your diapers?

    Wet, I dont like it too thick but thin enough for me to have fun.:P
  17. Jacks

    I always suspected this.

    Was he arrested? Will he be at the school anymore? I need some weed.
  18. Jacks


    You named yourself 'diaperedteenager' so you might be self-conscience on just about everything you think about. Perhaps your ego is too much?
  19. Jacks

    I had my furry moment

    Apparently I'm probably a furry. Came to irc after some drinks and noticed I'd roleplay around as a furry. I usually am not a person into the whole furry thing but some reason I guess I want to be a furry. I tend not to like furries but I am pretty tolerable of them. Whatever, just another...
  20. Jacks

    ANOTHER Plane Crash?

    I'm smelling something actually. And it's not just your diaper.:eek: