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    Diaper+Pool=Bad Choice?

    I just want to mention that urine is actually quite sterile. Being once a janitor, all I can say is that it isn't the pee you have to worry about, it's the poop that has disease.
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    Air Plus vs Plastic

    I like both, but the plastic backed feel better to me.
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    Wrong Zip Code!

    If they don't, check the delivery city on the tracking information and if it's not correct then (I think you can do this online now) you can change the delivery address (for something like $7). If it's correct, no action should be required. However, I think they send out shipments toward end...
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    Wrong Zip Code!

    Yeah, just call or email them first thing Monday morning. I think they ship a load once a day, so I think the odds are in your favor. :-)
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    Wrong Zip Code!

    I know by USPS it's very very important to get the zip code correct. I'm not too sure about FedEx. I do know that you can call (I think it's even online now) FedEx and correct it for a fee if it's already sent. If you just ordered, call XP or email them and they'll correct it for you, no big...
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    Gotta love XP Medical

    They have two that I know of one in CA and another in MI. Usually FedEx tends to over estimate their delivery dates,it only take three days normally to get to me from MI. They're the best supplier I know of!
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    have you ever considered your self to be OCD or been clinically diagnosed with OCD

    I was diagnosed with OCD just about a year ago. I have severe anxiety and perform many rituals. I remember having OCD since I was just 4 and it got so bad, it interfered with my school work and I finally told my doctor. I got sent to a psychologist (they're weirder than OCD itself!) and got a...
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    How Did it Start?

    I remember wanting to wear diapers since I was 6 or 7...pretty much as long as I can remember.
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    Who makes a cloth-backed diaper with tapes?

    Try the Tena Fitted Briefs at Northshore. When I had them last, they were cloth backed and had velcro tabs.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    I am also sick today, something is going around! Wearing a dry Abena Abri-Form!
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    How can I get the high end diapers?

    They are called "Green Dot" cards. They sell them at Wal-Mart here in the States (up by the check-outs next to the gum), I'm not sure if they sell them in the Wal-Marts in Canada though. I'll have to check when I get back over there (I live on the border). But if you find them, they're you best...
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    Do you shave?

    I've regretfully have done it a few times, but I tend to get infected ingrown hairs. I've gotten tired of going to the ER to have them lanced, so I just don't do it anymore.
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    Can AB/DL Companies make better replicas?

    Designing a new product costs a lot of money, thats probably why they tend to stick to the more common design of adult diapers. Just my theory.
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    Sleep Study

    I've been to a couple of these. Keep in mind, they will need to attach sensors to you legs, which will require you to reach down your pants to bring the wires up (In front of the tech.) . Other than that, nothing to worry about. But I'd have to agree with everyone else, the wires are very...
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    worst. day. ever. <:'( (for my girlfriend)

    If this were real: It would not a legal matter, there was no physical injury and there is very (and i mean very) little the police can do. It would be like charging a kid for calling someone a name. It was a petty joke that was very messed up to say the least and is purely school matter...
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    worst. day. ever. <:'( (for my girlfriend)

    I don't know about lawsuits or getting the police involved. When I went to high school, this was a fairly common occurrence (to other people as a joke). I would definitely tell the principal. Maybe they'll get a suspension (or in school suspension, which would be better).
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    Order Missing

    I still haven't seen it. But I will see if I can get a refund. From now on, I'm requiring a signature! Now that she probably knows that I wear diapers maybe she won't steal my packages! lol When I order, how would i make a signature required?
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    Order Missing

    Well, I've been having a problem with my neighbor upstairs...thats the only thing I can think of. Unfortunately, My apartment complex doesn't have an office and my side of the building only has 4 other tenants. I let Northshore know of the situation and the offered to call Fedex, but I have no...
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    Order Missing

    Thanks for all of your help, still missing though. If FedEx is open tomorrow, I'll probably give them a call.
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    Order Missing

    They said it was left at the front door. I guess I will just have to call the landlord (which I still haven't had much luck with). What a nightmare!