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    Northshore Supreme = Wide & "Stiff"

    i personally like the stiffness and thickness of them, it makes me feel alot more protected as well as less bunching up and falling apart the padding stays where it needs to, also these things can take quite the punishment, it helps to follow the instructions to it says on the packaging to pull...
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    NorthShore Supreme Briefs (Plastic Backed) Size Small Available

    These diapers are amazing ( i wear the large plastic back ) i got a sample with abena i purchased and immediately regretted wasting money on Abena, where abena would leak when i wet on my stomach i would wake up with small puddles on both sides of the diapers, these hold it all and then some...
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    Other diapers as wide and absorbant as Bellissimo

    dude i love the north shore supreme diapers, i've tried bambino, dry 24/7, Abena, Sani care, A+ brand (they suck seriously i pulled mine off one day and the back was open ALL of the padding including the wet padding went onto the damn floor!) northshore are thick, a bit stiff or you can fluff...
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    saw cuddlz nappies in street

    small world i wish there where a lot more of us out there, a few dating sites that aren't a mess and poorly coded would be nice to.
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    The Function Of A Mommy Or Daddy

    i would love to have a girl in my life who is like me or finds me cute and accepts me for who i am.
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    Mom cleaned my room - stuff missing

    if she found them and are for sure missing she already knows of the items and if she saw the diapers its not really hard to add 2+2 in that situation.. it might be a little hard but it also may be time to explain your situation.
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    So I woke up in a toddlerś bedroom...

    interesting and ironic kinda haha does your sister know of your desires?
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    AB Milestones

    Bedwetting was an issue for me and i always looked at other kids in diapers and always thought they looked comfortable since i was like.. 4? in my late teen years i got tired of my occational bed wetting and finally bought a pack of diapers in the store from there it went down the line bought...
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    having fun today.

    i love just walking around in a diaper and feel it between my legs the feeling is wonderful i love to hold it until i can't take it anymore and just let it go naturally.
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    hi there

    I'm TunZuhPhun i have had issues with bedwetting for quite a few years now and in my experience i have really become fascinated with diapers in general i find my self wearing more often than not and have been browsing this community for quite a few years now but never really got into it until now.
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    Northshore Care Supreme - Air, Plastic back, and overnight underwear review.

    i got the whole trio here and i gotta say i'm quite impressed i got tired of waking up at night with 2 pee spots on either side of my Abena L4 diapers, the Abena's also had the issue of bunching up the polymer and falling down to the bottom of the diaper, making it quite uncomfortable and...
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    How much money do you spend on being little per month? Honest answers please!

    around 70 a month, i wear northshore supreme diapers and i'm pretty happy with them
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    First roadtrip while diapered

    i drove from california to pennsyilvania diapered, i've learned to just embrace it and love it. changing in rest stop bathrooms, there was a family restroom where the changing table was a big solid counter i got up on that bad boy and did my business. it was nice.
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    have you tried northshore airsupreme? quiet and i have left a wet one on before bed, woke up it was completely full with no leaks and i even voided the rest of what was in my bladder.
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    Any idea on these diapers?

    it looks like its lacking in padding specially in the front.
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    which one would you prefere

    i have switched to north shore brand, abena sucks and is overrated i think they've been cutting down on pulp usage,these are thick, hold ALOT and don't fall apart like abena do after 1 wetting
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    Wearing Diaper Overnight

    Sometimes i wake up and just go, sometimes i wake up wet, and sometimes i wake up during that is always interesting, i never stop it though it feels so good.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    A+ absobency, going to be changing into a 24/7
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    Do you poop?

    i like it when its solid, and not messy, one of those "ghost whipe" poops lol.
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    Xp Medical?

    it might take like up to 3 days, i live not too far from the warehouse i like to go get my stuff there, they have a wide selection, dry 24/7 can be a little stiff, i'm trying out their A+ brand and they are actually really soft decently thick they're made to go against abena and are made in the US.