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    Order Missing

    I ordered some diapers on Monday and was expecting a shipment to arrive today. When I got home (I live in an apartment), I checked and it said it was delivered. The package is nowhere in sight! Should I bother looking for it, or should I just let the order go and avoid embarrassment? Any advice...
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    Accidents in bed

    Sorry if this comes out weird, I had a tough time wording it. Its been happening about once every other month for about two years when I wake up to find myself going #2 without a diaper. Usually I rush into the bathroom and clean up and I hardly wear diapers at all (college student). Is this...
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    Holding it vs. little at a time

    Do you hold it and wet all at once? or do you let out a little pee at a time? (couldn't find it in the search)
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    Catheters vs. Diapers

    I've been thinking, will catheters someday replace diapers or am I just paranoid?:dunno:
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    Hi, I'm new

    Hi, my name is Andy and I am a DL and have been wearing diapers for four years now. I really don't know what else to say, so thats about it! :worshippy: