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  1. J

    What's ADISC listening to?

    Mostly metal stuff. Iron Maiden, Lamb of God and anything in between. Also listen to other stuff, though most is rock or jazz/blues inspired.
  2. J

    Other websites...

    All News, Videos, & Images - News portal. Funny Website - ? America's Only Humor & Video Site Since 1958 - Lots of fun articles and other stuff. I also watch Zero Punctuation at The Escapist. :) I also read a few web-design/development related sites like Web Development & Design...
  3. J

    What do you do?

    How can you not have experienced anoying insects when trying to sleep? HOW? Anyway, I usually try to ignore it for a while. If it doesn't stop I usually end up going into a fucking rage and hunt them down. I just can't cope with it. :/
  4. J

    Mac vs Windows

    In general, most of the issues could be worked around, but I just think it's too much of a hassle. I don't want to spend 30 minutes on google and then another 30 minutes in the cmd tweaking various things whenever I want to install something or just because something decides it doesn't want to...
  5. J

    Mac vs Windows

    I've never actually used a Mac, and I most likely never will, and if I do get to use a Mac I won't be the owner. The reason why I wouldn't ever own a Mac is simply because I can't stand the way Apple does business. They are even more of a control freak than Microsoft and thus I'd choose the...
  6. J

    Hata, the Prince of Jungle

    Anyone who writes like that cannot be anything but awesome. ^^ Welcome to adisc.
  7. J

    pain on teeth after a night with paci ?

    I absolutely guarantee that sleeping with anything in your mouth regularly will affect your teeth alignment. I've worn bracer of various sorts for about 4 years, I speak from experience. And yes, it will hurt. I really don't recommend sleeping with a pacifier... take it out before you fall asleep.
  8. J

    Graphics editing (Photoshop, GIMP, etc.)

    I'm using Photoshop on a daily basis for my education. Mostly webdesign and advertising designs, but also more artsy and abstract stuff from time to time. Might post something later, I don't have anything at hand atm.
  9. J

    What is your Personality like?

    I am an INTP (Introverted Intuitive Thinker Perceiver), the "Architect". Fits pretty accurately I think.
  10. J

    The 5 most influential games to YOU

    So on another site I visit frequently there is a thread like this, and I think it's interesting to see how games have affected people, be it because you've wasted a lot of time on the game, because the game has made you think differently, or whatever other reason there might be... so I thought...
  11. J


    I'm quite sure the bag-scanners pick up fluids as well... not that it should matter, just saying. ;)
  12. J

    What cellphone do you have?

    An old Nokia 6230i. I really should get a new phone...
  13. J

    Favorite Songs of All-Time... a thread for fun

    That quote would describe me quite accurately. There's simply too many good songs to make a list. I'm a fan of In Flames though, pretty much anything they've made is awesome in my opinion. ^^
  14. J

    Bullyed / Picked on...was you ?

    Right, I was in sort of a strange situation when I was about 8-12. When I was 8 I was in a decent class, but then my school merged with another school and all classes were sort of shuffled around. This sadly meant I ended up in another class than the majority of my friends, and instead ended up...