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  1. AbbyDell

    Hello from Illinois

    That is most definitely a place I would like to visit. I cannot get enough Thai curry/Kaoh Soi.
  2. AbbyDell

    No, my username isn't an accidental typo.

    Sounds you like the sand-box kind of games. One of my favorites from that genre is Black & White (1 & 2). I personally like the games that get you immersed. Fallouts (sadly no Fallout 4 due to poor college guy status), Elder Scrolls, Fable, etc. But I am pretty open to most anything. I will say...
  3. AbbyDell

    Hello from Illinois

    Hello Hello~ It is pretty groovy that you are finding the confidence to explore deeper into yourself. Takes courage, man. Where would you want to visit first in your 'round the world trip of photography? Personally, I really want to visit New Zealand after I get my degree. Such a beautiful...
  4. AbbyDell

    Books You're Currently Reading?

    Aside from dense psychology/neuroscience books... Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy series. Currently on "Young Zaphod Plays it Safe". After that there is just one more to go. Makes me kind of sad, but I am pretty stoked to have completed a series that I love dearly.
  5. AbbyDell

    No, my username isn't an accidental typo.

    Hello Hello~ What are few games that make your "Top list" of sorts? I am a big fan of dem vidya games. Also, adorable fox photo. Favorite fuzzy friend of mine. :D
  6. AbbyDell

    (◕‿◕✿) New Little Here!

    Hello Hello~ Welcome to ADISC. I think that shame is probably something everyone goes through, but just know it doesn't make you a bad person. At all. To follow up on your listing of interests: I play a few instruments (Bass guitar, trombone, and too much shower singing); what songs do you...
  7. AbbyDell

    10 years from now

    I am probably in this for the long run, but interests change over time. Who knows how this will progress or transform?
  8. AbbyDell

    What song can you not stop listening to?

    Tongues- by Joywave (feat. KOPPS) Pretty up beat, but trance like song. It's real groovy.
  9. AbbyDell

    Hello everyone!!! I am new to this forum but a long time DL.

    Hey! I don't come around often, but this site is pretty groovy. What do you do in the "culinary field"? I have no idea what all that field can entail, with my only knowledge being a crew member at a Chipotle. What do you like to cook? What music do you like?
  10. AbbyDell

    Yo, Aloha, Hola, oy!

    Thank you for your kind words. I think I just rationalize it well. It's not like I can give it up, so embrace it sort of thing. I kind of take that view point on a lot of things, or at least try to. But I completely understand the sort of "I like the rush or feeling of being an AB/DL, but I...
  11. AbbyDell

    Yo, Aloha, Hola, oy!

    Hello! I am a DL from Texas and since I am starting a lot of new things in my life I decided to actually make an account on this site. Mostly so I can post on threads that interest me, but also so I can offer support to anyone who is having trouble that I can help with. I have been an DL since...