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  1. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Bambino Diaper Naming Contest

    I sent "Bambino Chimera" cuz its a hybrid animal
  2. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Is anybody in this forum an actual biologic girl?

    im not a biological girl, but i hate it when people refer to me as otherwise. Im just as much of a girl as someone who was born as one, and im some cases more so
  3. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Movie night

    its been an alright turn out, but it can always get better. we couldnt do a movie night last week because rabbit seemed to be down or something, but hopefully we can do it this week
  4. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Movie night

    reminder that this is tonight!
  5. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Movie night

    Movie night is over! come next week, same time, where we will be watching "The Pacifier"
  6. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Movie night

    We are starting the movie in an hour and a half from now (7:30) so join teamspeak if you want to watch!
  7. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Movie night

    EST is GMT -5, and I'm not sure if GMT has DST or not, so I cant really answer that. If you aren't sure, you can always come early and chat until the movie starts! ^_^ Also, you said it can't select EST which isnt true, theres a little "Time zones" button there
  8. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Movie night

    Movie night tonight was fun! come again next week, same time,join teamspeak at 9 PM EST (use This converter to see what time it is locally) on Friday Nov 27, where we will be watching Monsters University! Hope to see you there!
  9. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Movie night

    Just a reminder that movie night is tonight at 9 EST, which is in about 10 minutes. We are watching wreck it ralph, so come into teamspeak and join us! I will be trying to do a movie every friday, so if you cant make it today, dont worry, there will be more movie nights!
  10. sakuraTheBabyfur

    If you have 3 wishes what would they be

    1. equality for all 2. not have to worry about people attacking countries or hacking into people or making people miserable in any way 3. Another genie(since i cant wish for 3 more wishes :P)
  11. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Hi From Austin Texas

    If you are looking to make friends, this is definitely the place! ^_^ I havent been a member long but everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and I'm sure you will enjoy it here, even if the people you meet arent that close to you
  12. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Holiday season is the best time of year!

    I love christmas time because of footies season, christmas movies, and I can buy tons of little stuff and just pretend its a present for someone else or something
  13. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Games You're Currently Playing?

    I hoped straight onto the hype train right into fallout 4, and I have not been disappointed yet. Other then that, I usually play Team fortress 2 and Payday 2
  14. sakuraTheBabyfur

    What song can you not stop listening to?

    Definitely this one
  15. sakuraTheBabyfur

    TV Shows You're Currently Watching?

    I have a few shows that I am actively watching, 4 of which are currently playing and 1 that is in between seasons. The 4 being Doctor Who, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Flash and Arrow, and the one that is in between seasons being Game of Thrones.
  16. sakuraTheBabyfur

    My Cousin is ABDL.. Maybe?

    If you are close to your cousin, there should be no issue with bringing the diaper up, even just subtly, like for example say something like "you might want to pull your shirt down, your peeking a bit" this will at the very least tell her that you know and are perfectly ok with it, which can...
  17. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Good jeans 👖 to wear with Diapers

    In all honesty, I wear skinny jeans with my diapers, since thats what is most comfortable for me, and I wear bambino bellisimos. I just get one size larger around the waist so that it can fit over the diaper, get dark colored skinny jeans, and wear a long shirt. They arent too tight because the...
  18. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Books You're Currently Reading?

    I am currently reading the artimis fowl series, on book 4, which is oddly enough the exact book that this thread started with lol
  19. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Movie night tonight!

    15 Minutes till movie starts! come into teamspeak if you want to join
  20. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Movie night tonight!

    So me and a few of the other people who frequent the ADISC teamspeak are planning to have a movie night tonight. We would like to invite everyone to it! It will be at 10 EST (use THIS if you dont know what that is in your time) and we will be meeting in teamspeak. In order to join teamspeak...