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  1. Chronoshift

    Help Request Discord Server

    If everyone waits for it to become more active before they are active there themselves, guess what happens :-P
  2. Chronoshift

    Hiding and disposing of my diapers, advice?

    If you have a dresser, and the drawers are not anchored in it, and the dresser has a solid base, see if you can remove the bottom drawer. Just pull the drawer all the way out. You might want to re-organize so it only has light items in it, making it easier to work with. Depending on how the...
  3. Chronoshift

    Reminder for all: Discord server

    Yeah, we're a friendly bunch! Come join us?
  4. Chronoshift

    Pleased to know you all!

    Welcome to ADISC!
  5. Chronoshift

    Help Request Discord Server

    My girl is not a member on the forum. She is very curious about the Discord group, however. She is very shy about the whole diaper thing, and I'm trying to introduce her to the community gently. Does anyone object to me bringing her in through the side door, as it were?
  6. Chronoshift

    DC Amor arrived in the mail...

    I ordered 4x12pc, and it really feels like the right choice. Even with the absurd shipping and customs prices, it feels well worth it. They are *amazing*. Most importantly: They put a smile on my girl's face. Hard to put a price tag on that!
  7. Chronoshift

    DC Amor arrived in the mail...

    They've arrived now. Had to pay an additional SEK 400 (~$50) in import fees and taxes, but they're here! She's super-happy about it, and so am I. If I had the capital I'd try and arrange some sort of European re-seller deal for these, as they are ridiculously expensive to ship, and China ->...
  8. Chronoshift

    If depend can do it, why cant other companys

    Yeah, the Tena Lady Pants Discreet are pretty close to "Goodnites for adults". It's what I usually put my girl in during the day if we're going out. Very discreet, and they look cute to boot.
  9. Chronoshift

    DC Amor arrived in the mail...

    The two samples I got were of absolutely excellent quality. It's almost silly how soft they were, and my girl fell in love with them instantly. When she wet them there wasn't even a hint at possibly leaking, and the experience was a pleasant one for her. That's easily worth $2/pc, even with the...
  10. Chronoshift

    DC Amor arrived in the mail...

    Oh, yeah, he responded and everything is fine now. It just took a while as he has been sick. Bad luck on my part. It would have been very reassuring to get some kind of response, even an automated one, that my e-mail was received. I thought it might have been spam-filtered or something.
  11. Chronoshift

    DC Amor arrived in the mail...

    That's the e-mail I have, and where they/he are/is responding to customer e-mails. I got that one from his response to my filling out the contact form on the website, so it's as official as I could get a hold of.
  12. Chronoshift

    DC Amor arrived in the mail...

    Jeremy, the DC proprietor, was out sick just as I was going to order. That's the problem with his/their setup... As I'm not in the US, I have to order by e-mailing this guy. It would be very nice in deed to get some kind of feedback, and not have to deal with an e-mail. Oh well, I've...
  13. Chronoshift

    DC Amor arrived in the mail...

    The Medium was a little too small, so we both agree that the Large is better. Passed the wetting test with flying colors, and the tapes turned out to be refastenable so long as we stay within the tape area on the front. Super happy with them overall, and I'll be ordering a boatload of them.
  14. Chronoshift

    DC Amor arrived in the mail...

    I put her in them earlier, and she is super happy. The crinkliness is amusing to me, but mortifying to her, just the way I like it. She is happy with the softness of it and prefer them even to the Tena Slip Ultima as of right now. We'll see when she wets it! The Large is too large, though...
  15. Chronoshift

    Tena Slip Ultima - anyone else fall in love with them?

    Oh, the Ultima. If I won some sort of lottery, and it was a lifetime supply of a single kind of diaper for my girl, but it meant I could never buy a different one ever? Yeah, it'd be the Tena Slip Ultima. No question about it. Granted, we haven't tried all that many brands on her yet, but with...
  16. Chronoshift

    DC Amor arrived in the mail...

    I ordered a sample pack of the new DC Amor, and they arrived today. I've yet to try them, as my girl doesn't live with me yet, but I'm really looking forward to this weekend. Thought I'd fire up a thread and tell everyone about my experience this far. Late last year I sent an e-mail to DC...
  17. Chronoshift

    Diapers under pants for girls

    My girl wears in public fairly often, and is sometimes rather anxious about it. We solve this in three parts: 1) Choice of diaper When she wears in public, I put her in very tight-fitting pull-ups. They can't hold anywhere near as much liquid, however, so we're very careful about that. 2)...
  18. Chronoshift

    Warframe Let play together :D

    I play on PC. Right now my PC is not capable of running Warframe properly, though. Getting my burnt out graphics card replaced, but it might be a while. I'm not really comfortable dropping my in-game name this openly, but if you want I'll message it to you.
  19. Chronoshift

    Thoughts on Tena Slip Maxi?

    Here in Europe, we get the better variant of the "cloth-backed" ones. They are amazing. My girl wears Tena Slip Ultima, size Medium, at night (and when we're not going out). Over the last year there has been a couple of leaks, but that has been because of "user error", and should not reflect...
  20. Chronoshift

    The annoying part about diapers

    I use Tena Flex Maxi on my girl. Refastenable tabs, very absorbent and she looks great in them. Well, she'd look great in a burlap sack, but she looks very diapered in them, let me put it like that.