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  1. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Movie night

    Just a reminder that movie night is tonight at 9 EST, which is in about 10 minutes. We are watching wreck it ralph, so come into teamspeak and join us! I will be trying to do a movie every friday, so if you cant make it today, dont worry, there will be more movie nights!
  2. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Movie night tonight!

    So me and a few of the other people who frequent the ADISC teamspeak are planning to have a movie night tonight. We would like to invite everyone to it! It will be at 10 EST (use THIS if you dont know what that is in your time) and we will be meeting in teamspeak. In order to join teamspeak...
  3. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Suggestion Regarding messages

    I recently got a message from someone, and while going to reply, discovered that I could not because I was not established contributor. While I see why this is useful, I have a suggestion regarding this. Continue to block sending messages for anyone below EC, but allow people to reply to...
  4. sakuraTheBabyfur

    Some little kitten

    Hello! My name is Sakura, I'm a 20 year old transgendered little girl. I'm diapered pretty much 24/7 by choice, am going to college in january for computer programming, and know more computer languages then i can remember, although most of those are very specialized languages such as LSL for...