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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    how do the mega max compare to The Camelot’s? Which are more absorbent? Any preference?
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    Megamax vs Camelot’s

    By the time u ship the megamax case to Canada it works out to 7.5$ per diaper. More expensive then the Camelot’s
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    Megamax vs Camelot’s

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    Megamax vs Camelot’s

    Can anyone do a compare on the north shore megamax vs the tykable Camelot?
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    The shipping cost to send a case to Canada is 109$ US. 🤯 The tykables are available in Canada, still expensive tho...
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    How do the compare to the tykables Camelot? More or less absorbent?
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    Mega max Canada!!!

    Good morning all... any update when we can expect to be able to purchase north shore products such as the mega max at a reasonable price in Canada? Shipping from the north shore site is insane! @NorthShoreAdam ????
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    Looking for Canadian Northshore Vendor

    I am looking for an online vendor as well. They started to sell on but last I looked only the lites were able to ship to Canada. Hopefully soon the mega max will be....
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    Good morning from Canada.