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  1. Turfy

    Do you ever

    It does sometimes happen without me noticing, which is a real treat! I also sometimes just go without really thinking about doing it, kinda of like autopilot.
  2. Turfy

    What's a good "replacement" Bambino?

    ABUniverse Surpasses Bambino I'm certain that the Bambino Dynasty is falling to the rise of ABU. ABU is making a superior product, at a reasonable price, and they truly care about their customers AND the community. My girlfriend communicates with their leadership from time to time, and they...
  3. Turfy

    Quesadilla Here

    Cajun seasoning.... now that might be something to try. I have that lying around (I use it on almost everything), so maybe that will spice it up next time. Thanks!
  4. Turfy

    Do you ever

    I have given up on keeping a diaper dry for long. I feel that same urge almost insstantly, particularly if I have been wearing all the time for a few days. Now that I wear at least some protection all the time, I wet a diaper almost immediately
  5. Turfy

    College Diapers

    I feel the best thing you can do is take the time to get to know your roommate, certainly before you bring diapers into the dorm. You never know what another person is like until you try, and college students come in all sorts from jackass to potential lifelong friend. Let what you learn about...
  6. Turfy

    Quesadilla Here

    Welcome to ADISC, Quesadilla! Many of us started out as lurkers here, including me. It's great that you decided to join, because there are so many great people here that love to help and share some hard won knowledge. ADISC is always a safe place to come to for help, or just be heard. Every...
  7. Turfy

    I want to feel like an infant!

    You know, finding your "little headspace" (thats what I'll call it for simplicity) is sometimes difficult, and frustratingly not something you can really force. I can give some pointers to help along the way, but its something that really just comes out in different ways and feels different to...
  8. Turfy

    I just need to know

    It really is something that takes time, and don't think the the perfect partner is going to make the balance perfect. When you don't try to make everything perfectly in balance, that's when you find it all evens out on its own. Don't be afraid to work at it and try new perspectives.
  9. Turfy

    The Diaper Day Planner- A Schedule in Diapers

    I got to wondering recently how other ABDLs who wear during the day schedule their diaper usage throughout the day. I tend to us a diaper and booster at my wake-up change before work, then change if necessary around lunch, a diaper when I get home, and one for bed. How do you all make a...
  10. Turfy


    I agree with bambinod, you really don't need to fear. If you decide along the way to use diapers 24/7, it's still usually pretty hard to get to a point where it is easy to go, let alone ever worry about losing control: the body tends to know when you are diapered and when you are not. Toilet...
  11. Turfy

    Daddy/mommy plays with ab

    You know, Nik92, it really depends on the mood. When I'm Daddy (most of the time), lots of tickles, talking with friends on the ADISC Teamspeak, and recently, a LOT of time with an annoying new animal sound play-cube. Why on earth I got her that wretched thing, I may never figure out. We...
  12. Turfy

    Hello :)

    Welcome to ADISC, WolfR8! I'm sure you are going to find a lot of the information you are looking for here, it's my favorite too! On having difficulty getting diapers, it really can be havoc dealing with sneaking around with it, and I usually got caught, it really depends on your situation...
  13. Turfy

    Best baby punishments

    I agree with Trevor here. Even though i sometime use spankings, incentives and loss of privileges is a great system too. That is what really makes me feel little, and I know it makes the experience more real for my little. You have to take away some of the freedoms to help your little give up...
  14. Turfy

    molicare premium soft extra

    It can be hard to find padding that cover as much of your rear as you are looking for. You'd have to see if you like the Abena M4 or the New DryCare 24/7, as those have a decent amount of padding in the rear.
  15. Turfy

    Last toy you bought?

    A few months ago binkygirl and I were at Walmart when she decided to just wander off while I was looking car stuff. I managed to track her down to the toy aisle, where she appeared to have fallen in love with a set of alphabet blocks. That's usually how it works, if something catches her...
  16. Turfy

    The Function Of A Mommy Or Daddy

    I feel that a mommy or daddy need's to be your rock. I need my mommy there to snuggle me and make me feel safe when I'm feeling depressed or anxious. It's the connection, the warmth and shelter, that makes an experience authentic. The parental smile and tone of voice, that's what brings us...
  17. Turfy

    NUK 5 Question

    Something else to note about the difference between silicone and latex is that the silicone will last long and stay cleaner than the latex. My little girl has to have hers all night and often during the day, and we have found that it is much easier to have the silicone NUK5 because it doesn't...
  18. Turfy

    do you use a mattress cover

    My girl and I do. She is IC, so its really critical some nights. If you are nervous about leaking, say if you are a side sleeper like me, then its great to know its there.
  19. Turfy


    My favorite plushie right now (don't tell the others) is my PillowPet Puppy I named after me. I've always had plushies to sleep with, never really been able to sleep without them. Sometimes I come across one and I just have to get it, and it becomes my new favorite for awhile.... until i spot...
  20. Turfy

    Supportive partner of an AB/DL

    It sounds like you are already doing the most important thing: trying to understand. The best place to get started is to experiment and try different things. Figuring out where the boundaries need to be keeps things sane. I try to keep clear boundaries with my little, which is doubly...