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  1. Turfy

    The Diaper Day Planner- A Schedule in Diapers

    I got to wondering recently how other ABDLs who wear during the day schedule their diaper usage throughout the day. I tend to us a diaper and booster at my wake-up change before work, then change if necessary around lunch, a diaper when I get home, and one for bed. How do you all make a...
  2. Turfy

    Discovering You!

    I was writing a post recently, and a revelation dropped off a tree and hit me in the head. I realized I've learned alot about myself since i recognized my AB/DL side. I've regained memories from my childhood, taught myself acceptance, and even grown in my self-control. It's made me curious...
  3. Turfy

    Moving in with roommate-Help!

    I've been living in my parents basement for the past few years, but soon, I'll be moving away. That's fine, but now I'll have a roommate. All the ABDL things I was able to do in the privacy of my own home I won't be able to do anymore. Most of me is looking forward to the experience, but the...
  4. Turfy

    Hello ADISC!

    I'm a young man just starting along the road to a career in turf management. I'm starting my education in New Jersey, and I'll see where it takes me from there. I enjoy writing in my spare time, reading books, and spending time outdoors. I started to discover I'm a teen baby/adult baby during...