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    Crazy Diaper

    So just a story I thought I'd share. I posted a thread a LONG time ago, when I was a little more active, about a diaper that I found. Now, if you're to lazy to look at that thread, its basically a diaper I found in an ELEMENTARY school. Now, I finally got around to using an identical one, and...
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    Unfortunate Announcement

    I have "Swine Flu". I looked up all the symptoms, and it is looking quite that way. The girl that sits next to me in spanish is now out with it's not looking to good. Lets hope im not a casualty!
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    2009 World Series: Who Will be Hot, And Who Will be Not

    Alright, I can only fairly put down the yankees predictions here. It wouldn't be fair if i put the phillies, because i don't know as much about them, as i do about the yankees. If anyone feels like they would like to put the phillies predictions down, please, it is welcomed. 2009 World Series...
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    Ya, when it comes to diaper identification, I'm pretty nub. So i was wondering if anyone could help me out here. I'll give you a little background information here. About last week, my English teacher asked me to go up to the elementary school to get her something. As i was just about to...
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    Make A New Short Cut in Firefox!

    Hello everybody, today I'm here to talk to you guys about making a new shortcut button, for the top of your browser. First of all, to do this you need to be using Mozilla Firefox. Is there a website that you view regularly? Are you tired of clicking on "book marks", "favorites", "history"...
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    Alright so! My Junior Varsity team is going to playoffs! We clinched it last night, and now we have a one game playoff against a team that's really bad! Then after that we go to semi finals! =D The game is tomorrow at home luckily. So i'll be starting at third base, and hitting. And i guess...