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  1. Cradyn

    Someone Else

    Think i can answer this one. Real Life: Live with my boyfriend who is also into just about everything I'm into(just maybe not on the same level of obsession); Which also includes diapers. Overall it has to be one of the greatest experiences I've ever had; However I believe it's on the same...
  2. Cradyn

    What kind of jobs do you do?

    >_> Currently I'm a home medical aid to my boyfriend; who's wheelchair bound and in 24/7 can't function very well consistantly. In other words..i sit in front of a computer playing games till he asks me to get him a drink, or i cuddle up and watch movies/tv shows all day. <3 my job...
  3. Cradyn

    ack...late reply D: Desert meh!!! ;_;

    ack...late reply D: Desert meh!!! ;_;
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  6. Cradyn

    Hi all

    *ponders how much he can give bryan flak before Bryan gets him murdered* oh well. Welcome redneck! :D Hope you have fun here and meet some more people.
  7. Cradyn

    Welcome to Adisc redneck. Lovely to see that you've grown the balls to join us

    Welcome to Adisc redneck. Lovely to see that you've grown the balls to join us
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    cool cool! Again Welcome. And if you haven't already; *points at "live chat" in upper bar* There's an irc chat for the forums as well. Drop in :D Hope ya have fun here ^_^
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    yo! welcome to adisc :D Why doncha tell us a little about yourself hun. like...who is Firepaws? :P and if you answer "thats me!" ...imma swat you. So come on :D
  10. Cradyn

    First Munch for me!!! Highly recommend it..

    Considering Munch's are held in public places..such as a diner, or game center. I doubt your biggest concern would be the photo's lol. Munch's aren't really for those who are "that" afraid of being caught. However, from my experience. Most munch attendee's don't really take photo's. Those...
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    First Munch for me!!! Highly recommend it..

    Attended the Atlanta Munch once or twice. Probably one of the only things i wish i could still do since leaving the city :( And yea..sure, most of the people are over the age of 30(i believe it's the same at most of the munch's). But...their all together under the same interest. I can...
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    #2 Experience, and question!

    I tend to get my roommate or one of my AB friends to help me >.> Tried the razor thing ...wayyy to easy to cut yourself. Just use a buzz clippers. Gets it very very short...and fairly smooth. (can also do it yourself fairly easily..without worrying about cutting yourself)
  13. Cradyn in V2.0

    Do wha? o.O
  14. Cradyn in V2.0

    Lol you'd be surprised how much fun Virtual Djing can really be compared to Hitting things up irl.
  15. Cradyn in V2.0

    lol, thanks all of you :D It's nice to see people like to read crap I write when I haven't had any sleep o.O To clarify a few things... Fetishy things >.> I'll list..if asked lmao. can learn as I post around the site. (or if your smart enough....with enough can...
  16. Cradyn in V2.0

    Zyriik's been trying to get me to let him buy me a copy of it. Oddly when i left the chat earlier to call him..he was playing it. Ya know it's really hard to hold a chat with someone when their cussing out at the people firing at him o.O
  17. Cradyn in V2.0

    Kinda going off of practically no sleep. So i'll make this simple for myself. That and I'm bored so figured I'd get this part of joining out of the way lol. First off. HI! >.> kk...i suck at Describing myself..or anything like that. soooo Gonna do this my way. Name: Simba...Cradyn....Hey...