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  1. disneygeek

    Parks and Diapers

    I live in Orlando, so I frequent the theme parks quite often. I just got back from a few hours at Universal. During which, I was wearing a bambino and later switched to a goodnite. Has anyone else worn at a theme/amusement park or highly populated area? There’s always a lot of adrenaline and...
  2. disneygeek

    Desperate times call for desperate measures...

    I moved about a month ago and had to get rid of the rest of my diaper/goodnite stash. Last night I slept with a paci for the first time since and today I went and picked up a pack of Always Discreet while I wait for my order of 40 ABU to arrive by next friday and it was extremely welcomed. All...
  3. disneygeek


    Anyone here playing hearthstone? It's somewhat of a magic card game based around WoW characters. My brother got me into it a couple months ago and it's very fun! If anyone else is playing it lmk your screen name :)
  4. disneygeek

    Wearing at a beer festival?

    Hey everyone. So I'm planning on attending a beer festival on Saturday with my friend and her boyfriend. It's an outdoor festival and I'm sure the restrooms will be of the portable variety. I'm extremely tempted to wear an M4 out. Not only would this help with the port-a-pottys, but it would...
  5. disneygeek

    Baby Diaper 'Fix'?

    I was glancing through the ABDL section on Ebay and stumbled upon this. Seems like it's a sort of device that extends beyond the baby diaper tabs that can be fit for adults. Has anyone tried anything like this? I must admit... I am curious.
  6. disneygeek

    What AB/DL feat did you accomplish today?

    I'm not sure there's a thread already going like this, and if it should be moved feel free. But I think it would be nice to share what ABDL accomplishments everyone has day in and day out. Whether it be buying that paci online, trying some new type of activity, ordering a new diaper or wearing...
  7. disneygeek

    Baby/Toddler Foods

    Wanted to know thoughts on gerber food. Specifically, the Gerber Graduates, which I believe are made for a slightly older age group. I think it could be fun to try the applesauce or oatmeal brands. Has anyone tried? Is it worth it or does it just make more sense to stick to regular oatmeal?
  8. disneygeek

    ~Female centered question

    This is a somewhat female centered question, but I was wondering what the majority of diaper wearers do during the "time" of the month. Do you still use tampons etc. while wearing a diaper, or do you let the diaper do it's job and protect from both wetting and menstruation? In actuality, it...
  9. disneygeek

    Sleeping in Diapers

    I have had my fair share of sleeping while in diapers. Sometimes I put on a fresh one right before bed and wet again either in the middle of the night if I wake up or the morning. Other times I wet a little right before I sleep and stay in it all night, periodically wetting through the night if...
  10. disneygeek

    Diaper beginner "high"

    I have had the DL interest on and off for several years, but I just recently bought my first pack on Saturday. Since then, I think I have worn to bed every night but one, sometimes using multiple per day. Did anyone else have that new diaper "high" when you first started, feeling like you...
  11. disneygeek

    Need suggestions

    Hey everyone. I'm new here but I have lately been looking online for a substantial amount of decent diapers for a good price. Right now I am between the Tena Ultra Diapers (80/$36) and the Attends Breathable Briefs (90/$40). I'm looking for something to last me a while and do a good job to...
  12. disneygeek


    I've been lurking around here the past few days so I thought I would do an intro. I'm a 23 year old from Florida. I'm also a big New York Yankee fan and I am currently attending school for my Masters Degree. Recently, I've found myself yet again intrigued with the DL lifestyle (a few years back...