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    Growing out your hair (guys)

    Hey everybody, So I have decided to grow out my hair. My whole life I have had short spikey hair but I love long hair. I love to play with it and run my hands through it. I have started to grow out my hair (3 months without a cut but it was realy short to start with) and need advice / support...
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    Huge Tena Pads vs. Tena Diapers

    So what is the benefits of wearing the huge pads that are basically diapers without the sides, verses an actual Tena diaper? If they hold the same amount then I can't see why one would chose one over the other? Does anyone have any experience with these? right now I am using the pads inside a...
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    Diapers North of Boston???

    Does anybody know where or if you can get diapers other than Depends and store brands around the north of Boston?
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    Logistical question for the girls

    I have always wondered... When you are in a diaper and laying on your side can you wet or does it just leak out the leg holes? I have been trying to figure this out for a while but since I don't have the correct parts.. I'm lost Now that I think about it, Is there any position that people...
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    I am such a n00b

    Hey all, I just found this site and signed up. A Little about me: I'm 27 I live just outside Boston MA I work in the Tech Industry I have a S.O of 4+ years (she doesn't know about this yet though) I have been into diapers off and on since I was 10 or so (DL mostly) It started with (get this)...