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    Happy New Year buddy :D

    Happy New Year buddy :D
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    Your maturity bores me. Endlessly.

    AMD is cool but I miss the old PPC chips, you could push a TON of processes through them and they kept on chugging. they were like the diesel engines of the chip world. Though I can't wait for the new 6 core intel chips (SICK!!)
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    Growing out your hair (guys)

    I use Products from Their shampoo bars and solid conditioner make my hair AWESOME!!! i get people asking about it alll the time
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    Growing out your hair (guys)

    Every article on the internet i have read about this says to never trim your hair if you are trying to grow it out. Plus Hair is dead, it grows from the root under the skin, the hair that you see is dried up keratin and pigment. You can't speed up cellular division (realistically) so there is...
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    Growing out your hair (guys)

    Hey everybody, So I have decided to grow out my hair. My whole life I have had short spikey hair but I love long hair. I love to play with it and run my hands through it. I have started to grow out my hair (3 months without a cut but it was realy short to start with) and need advice / support...
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    Leaking...and what to do for it ?

    I used to suffer from this issue and discovered my "cure"/solution... I have switched my post urination "shake" to a "push". Instead of shaking your penis to get out the extra urine in the urethra; place 3 fingers on your perineum aka taint, aka the place between your testicles and anus, and...
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    Huge Tena Pads vs. Tena Diapers

    So what is the benefits of wearing the huge pads that are basically diapers without the sides, verses an actual Tena diaper? If they hold the same amount then I can't see why one would chose one over the other? Does anyone have any experience with these? right now I am using the pads inside a...
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    Diapers North of Boston???

    So I found the place yesterday but they were closed on Sundays. I went back today after work and it was great. The store is neat with a lot of caregiver and health professional stuff (scrubbs and walkers and stuff). There was an older woman and a Beautiful 20'ish girl behind the counter. I...
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    Diapers North of Boston???

    Awesome, I know exactly where that is. Thank You.
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    Diapers North of Boston???

    I work in Burlington, where is it in regards to the mall?
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    Lol, I had the same thing, so I posted a bunch to get my count up :D

    Lol, I had the same thing, so I posted a bunch to get my count up :D
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    Diapers North of Boston???

    Does anybody know where or if you can get diapers other than Depends and store brands around the north of Boston?
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    The towel trick

    Epic fail for me, leaked everywhere but thats because I cut the holes too big.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Serenity protective underware
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    Identifying a diaper.

    Yea It sounds like an Attends
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    Most Diapers At Once?

    only 3 but they were crappy depends
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    Earliest memory

    Mine was me sitting in the dining room on the carpet and discovering that if I poked my finger through the plastic of my diaper it would stretch and mold to my finger. 10 minutes later i was sitting naked in a pile of shredded diaper.
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    The old "hand in warm water" trick...

    I tried it when i was 21 on a few friends. It worked on one girl but she was pretty drunk. \It took about 3 minutes and she started flowing faster than a river.
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    World of Warcraft fan.

    What server(s) do you play on?
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    Other fetishes?

    Hmm, for me it's WaterSports... Desperation and wetting, wetting on purpose, mostly clothed though, lap wetting, I do enjoy messy desperation and accidents. A coupple of suppositories and out for a walk or to the store and watch the fun happen, but no further (a little squishing and mushing is...