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  1. Joep

    What do you do for a living?

    Finance major at a Midwest university, I lifeguard during the summers.
  2. Joep

    Hello from South Georgia

    Welcome to ADISC! I’m from the south as well. Hope you make some friends on here!
  3. Joep

    New diaper girl.

    Welcome to ADISC! There’s some really cool people on here and you’ll have so many opportunities to make friends. I hope you have fun and find what you’re looking for.
  4. Joep

    First mess stitting

    I mess my diapers on occasion, if you’re going to mess and lounge around for a while I highly recommend barrier creams or lotions before hand but I agree with many people on here. It’s fun and soothing.
  5. Joep

    Nappies at uni

    Yeah I used to do it often. Hide the diapers in your closet, double bag used ones and throw them away immediately and make sure you have good hygiene, lots of good smelling stuff, candles, cologne, febreeze.
  6. Joep

    Ideas for wife and I

    If you’re interested in taking things more down the ABDL to spice things up then you can simply tell her that it’s an interest but not a deal breaker by any means. You can always ask her for more of her specific turn ons. If there is any overlap between yours and hers that even better. If she...
  7. Joep

    What was your first ABDL diaper?

    Princess dotty diapers
  8. Joep

    What’s the one thing you don’t enjoy about your kink?

    For me it would have to be the difficulty of explaining it to people (even on a need to know basis). It is really difficult to come out to a roommate or girlfriend. I mean it’s worth it on the other side when it's accepted that wearing around the house is a standard mental health practice for me...
  9. Joep

    How do i stop masturbating when wearing ?

    I respect the choice you may make to assert discipline and self control in your life. That is how we as people live meaningful lives. Also touching yourself does not make your life any less meaningful or valuable, my personal belief is that discipline sets people free. Anyways, I’ve been working...
  10. Joep

    Loving these black megamaxes <3

    Loving these black megamaxes <3
  11. Joep

    Black megamax now available!

    I’m wearing my second black MM with a booster😁
  12. Joep

    Does being in a wet diaper make it hard to control your sexual actions?

    I still find bashing a recognized truth in a religious community to be disrespectful just because you disagree with what a source of authority says. Everyone here is welcome to have their own opinions and disagree with others but once things become disrespectful with the intention of being crass...
  13. Joep

    Does being in a wet diaper make it hard to control your sexual actions?

    I’d like to respectfully remind you that there are people active on these forums who practice in organized religions. Myself included. Please respect our beliefs as we respect yours.
  14. Joep

    Black Megamaxes

    Could be for discretion wardrobe wise or wetness indicator wise, on darker prints urine is less visible and the waistband of the backing may blend in with a waistline better
  15. Joep

    Diaper loving and Dating

    Sure there are plenty of jerks in the world, but I doubt they could say anything to humiliate you at this point. It’s possible that you’ve already thought of the worst things that could be said to you which means you’re untouchable as far as a bad reaction from someone else. Here’s something...
  16. Joep

    Diaper loving and Dating

    It wasn’t easy, lots of deep breaths were had, but I started by explaining what happened in my life to cause me to like diapers then I explained the satisfaction and therapeutic elements which help me maintain my mental health. The bottom line is not for the person to understand completely...
  17. Joep

    Diaper loving and Dating

    I’ve been with my girlfriend for over two years now and I confessed fairly early on in our relationship, around month 3. Who ever you end up settling down with could feel betrayed that you’ve been hiding something or keeping secrets that would put walls up. What helped me is to practice being...
  18. Joep

    Where are you from and what’s your favorite diaper.

    Southwest MO anyone? I love Megamaxes and tykables cammies.
  19. Joep

    Whats the one thing you'll never do while diapered?

    The list can be pretty long. Never: family gatherings, during church, typically school, flying, hanging out with friends that don’t know, exercising, etc...
  20. Joep

    Black Megamaxes

    Has anyone ordered the Black Northshore megamaxes yet? I just placed my order