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  1. Joep

    Black Megamaxes

    Has anyone ordered the Black Northshore megamaxes yet? I just placed my order
  2. Joep

    My method for Odor Control

    As someone who enjoys the messier activities of being diapered, odor control is essential especially with room mates! I have finally found a cheap odor control method that doesn't require diet changes or taking pills. 1. use a cheap larger diaper as a double and odor blocker. I'm talking about...
  3. Joep

    Engineering a stink proof diaper

    I have given this far more than just a little bit of thinking and I bet most of you here have as well. Let's design a diaper that rids or masks bad smells altogether. Here's my initial thoughts: the diaper must be thick and fluffy enough to trap some of the fecal matter and smell so let's...
  4. Joep

    My girlfriend accepted me

  5. Joep

    Tips for making crinkly diapers quiet?

    I prefer them to be more quiet especially if I’m around other people. Does anyone have any tricks? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Joep

    Trying something new

    I’ve read all over the place that it is a good idea to have a skin barrier for extended wear of a diaper. What I’ve done is applying lotion and baby oil after being in a wet diaper and see if it prevents skin problems. All I know is my diaper area feels much softer and squishier. I might have to...
  7. Joep

    If you could make a couple changes about ADISC, what would it be?

    I’ve been more active on the Daily Diapers forums lately, they seem more fun to me. I noticed there’s a wider variety of topics on DD compared to ADISC. So what changes would you make? I would opt in for an 18+ portion of the forum. What do you think? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Joep

    My mom opened my north shore package

    New diapers arrived today and she opened them. She already knew but hates that I do it and criticizes me for it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Joep

    DL curious about AB

    As a DL I’ve never been to this side of the forum but am interested in dabbling in AB. Could you guys describe what exactly you do when you are in AB space/regression? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Joep

    New diapers (for me anyways)

    You guys talked me into getting the north shore supreme briefs. It’s been two months since I’ve been properly diapered, and I’m talking tabs, miss me with that underwear brief son! But I’m excited for these, I was told that they’re better than Abena M4s. hit my DMs and also, does anyone remember...
  11. Joep

    Are the ABDL diapers worth it?

    Lately I’ve been hesitant to buy more diapers for a few different reasons, and I always buy them from amazon so here’s what I’m looking for and I want to know if your suggestions are worth the extra price. My criteria: 1. The diaper can hold #2 very well 2. The diaper has great odor control 3...
  12. Joep

    Thinking about getting latex pants

    I’m considering getting a pair of latex pants thinking it would hide the scent but also help the diaper stay organized as well as the feel. If any of you wear latex covers please leave your thoughts. I’ve also been out of M4s for a couple months now, thinking about ordering more. Sent from my...
  13. Joep

    Tips for overnight wearing

    It’s been a week since I’ve worn a diaper, just been busy and I want to compensate and sleep overnight. And call me out for it on being weird, but a diaper in use is soothing and comforting to me. What do you guys recommend for such a procedure. So far I sprinkled some baking soda, now we wait...
  14. Joep

    Hello first time back in a year

    I’ve been a DL since I can remember and I’m new to the regular experience of wearing diapers and keeping them on the dl (down low pun intended) I don’t have any friends on here so I’m open to talking. I like to hunt, go to church, listen to music, work on cars, and swim competitively Sent...
  15. Joep

    Hiding the smell while wearing

    Hey it’s been forever since I’ve been on here, any tips for hiding the scent while wearing a diaper. My mom will often ask for a favor while I’m wearing and I don’t want it to be obvious even though she knows, it’s still awkward between us about it, and I don’t like to wait until the night to...
  16. Joep

    Suh Dude

    Hey guys my name is Joep, and welcome to my first post. I enjoy Hunting, swimming, and politics. I'm republican, yes I love that Trump won the recent election, and I've been a member for about one month but haven't seen too much of what the site offers even though I'm really excited to check it out.