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  1. disneygeek

    Parks and Diapers

    I definitely understand the conundrum! What I typically do is have an “out.” That is, if I feel I no longer want to wear, I bring a bag and something else to wear. Being out for many hours at a time definitely needs a backup plan.
  2. disneygeek

    Parks and Diapers

    I live in Orlando, so I frequent the theme parks quite often. I just got back from a few hours at Universal. During which, I was wearing a bambino and later switched to a goodnite. Has anyone else worn at a theme/amusement park or highly populated area? There’s always a lot of adrenaline and...
  3. disneygeek

    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    So can you get these in any other local stores besides Walgreens right now? I had the sample come in the other day and I love the new XL.
  4. disneygeek

    How to hide diapers in public

    Onesies do a great job at easing the concern for diaper waistband peak. If I wear out I usually like to be wearing a body suit or onesie underneath. It also helps to keep the diaper from sagging.
  5. disneygeek

    Any diaper/plastic plant recommendations?

    Tykables are a safe bet. I haven't tried anything from them that I didn't like.
  6. disneygeek

    A good pacifier?

    I just got this one from Amazon and I’m super impressed with the quality for the price. There’s multiple designs available as well.
  7. disneygeek

    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    Are they pretty much available in all stores now? I haven't paid much attention to the rollout of these.
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    The Slight Urge Returns

    I feel this. I had had almost no urge for 8-10 months and now it's back. I have a case of diapers arriving Wednesday, and I've been biding the time with a pack of abenas from amazon. As much as I sometimes tell myself I'm over it, I never am.
  9. disneygeek

    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    I figured someone mentioned it but I thought I'd throw it out there again haha. I just ordered today so I'll see how long it actually takes.
  10. disneygeek

    Female DLs?

    Me! Cis, lesbian, female.
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    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    Not sure if this has been said yet, but the Goodnites website is now offering samples with a pack of L and XL. Shipping is states at 2-4 weeks.
  12. disneygeek

    Diapers on Vacation

    Just as an FYI. There’s no ride in Disney where they will not allow you to carry a backpack. That’s not the case for universal and sea world but Disney is great about bags, even in rides like rock n roller coaster.
  13. disneygeek

    SIDF: Sleep In Diapers Friday

    Wearing abu space tonight!
  14. disneygeek

    Your close calls

    About a year and a half ago I still had my credit card info at my parents house because I moved into a new apartment complex. Ordered a couple samples from a medical based diaper company. I swear I had it sent to myself but apparently not. A week or so later my dad texts me a picture of what...
  15. disneygeek

    At Home, Do You Wear Clothes Over Your Diaper?

    I live alone. If I’m wearing at home, 99% of the time I’m wearing just a diaper and T-shirt.
  16. disneygeek

    Dream Diaper Prints

    ABU+ Disney would be the dream
  17. disneygeek

    Black Friday 2018

    I grabbed the ABU sale on the half case 12% off. 2 pack of space and little pawz. Sadly everything else I would have grabbed, plastic pre school and peek, was sold out in my size.
  18. disneygeek

    Diaper Design

    I would love some Disney designs, preferably in baby versions of the characters.
  19. disneygeek

    How do you purchase?

    In the past I’ve had to secretly order online and try for a time I thought my roommate wouldn’t be home. Now that I live alone, it’s incredibly easy. My go to order is the 3 oack of M4s from Amazon. The cheapest case comes in a brown box with “M4” and the famous blue lines all over it, and I...
  20. disneygeek

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Wearing a M4 with a cute Pampers diaper tape on it :)