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  1. PQNY

    Got rid of all my diapers over a year ago. It's about time I rebuilt my collection!

    I finally moved out of my parents house over 3 weeks ago, and I'm finally settled into my new place. Finally, no more worrying and paranoia about getting caught! My paranoia got so bad that it wasn't enjoyable for me to wear any diapers anymore, always jumping at every little creak outside my...
  2. PQNY

    Want to buy some ABDL clothes. Know any good sites?

    I had an awesome dream last night where I was wearing a plain orange snap onesie, and those denim overall lookin' things that have suspenders. I have no idea what they are called, but after last night, I have to get one. If anyone can tell me what they are called and where I can get one, I'd...
  3. PQNY

    I'm looking to do some shopping, I need advice

    I've been out of the ABDL loop for about a year and now I'm getting back into it. I have a pretty big stash as it is right now, but I want to buy some diapers that I can wear around the house 24/7. All of the diapers I have right now are way too thick and noisy for that, so I'm now looking on...
  4. PQNY

    Sleeping in a diaper makes me itch like crazy

    I'm dying to go to bed while wearing a diaper all night, however after 10 minutes of lying in bed, the skin thats in my diaper gets a little prickly and itchy, which keeps me up and results in me taking off my diaper. It sucks because I'd love to go to bed with a full bladder, diaper and onesie...
  5. PQNY

    Hey there everyone!

    Hey now! My name's PQNY and I live in the UK. Apparently I joined way back in '09, even though I don't remember, but now I'm here and I want to become a part of the diaper loving community. I've been into it for years and years, but I've never really talked to anyone else who had a similar...
  6. PQNY

    Hiyaz! Just stopping in to say hi

    So where do I begin. I'm a 16 (17 this 15'th) year old welsh kid who is mad for horses. I'm a pro horse rider, and I still don't own my own horsie, unfortunatley. And this probably isn't the best place to say it, but I'm a zoophiliac when it comes to horses. Just a bit of my lifestyle. I only...