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  1. Liz Lil Secret

    Carolina AB/DLs Unite... and party

    Oooooooh I wanna meet somebody!!! :) No, seriously, there are SO many AB/DL's from NC that I see... its a shame I don't "know" any of them.... So I'm totally game for meeting. I'm only about 45min. from Charlotte. :)
  2. Liz Lil Secret

    I love my bear! Who's your special plushie friend?

    I only have one teddy... my Daddy got it for my for my birthday. :) Now, I sleep with her. Every night.
  3. Liz Lil Secret

    Musical intrests?

    Sugarland Matchbox 20 Heart Pink Floyd The Styx 3 Doors Down Eric Clapton Linkin Park Johnny Cash The Eagles And sooooooo many more.... I love music, breathe music....
  4. Liz Lil Secret

    Favourite Guitarists

    Eric Clapton Nancy Wilson Jimmy Page
  5. Liz Lil Secret

    Adult Diapers

    From a former cashier at Eckerd's (which is now Rite-Aid) they are NOT going to discuss your purchases with anyone else. And honestly, they don't care what you're buying - they sell adult diapers all day long.
  6. Liz Lil Secret

    The little things

    The way it smells right after it rains... A smile on a child's face... Snow on Christmas Eve... A really great book...
  7. Liz Lil Secret

    Hi Everyone

    *waves* Welcome, welcome!
  8. Liz Lil Secret

    Favorite Commercial

    I like a lot of the commercials that come on during the Nascar races. Most of the Nascar commercials are humorous. Oh, and I also like the DirectTV commercial making fun of President Bush.
  9. Liz Lil Secret

    Wetting Yourself

    I still do that, a lot! I did that today actually... great feeling, no mess to clean up. :)
  10. Liz Lil Secret

    Shows that just plain aren't good...

    I hate a lot of TV - so much of it is just worthless. I'm not a big reality fan. Shows like Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, I love Money... just stupid. Um, what else? Oh yeah, Greatest American Dog. Oh, and I also hate that no music channels actually play music anymore... thats another TV issue...
  11. Liz Lil Secret

    How were you disciplined as a child...?

    Got grounded, got sent to live with my brother (drill sergeant type) for awhile when I was a teenager because I misbehaved so much... Never got spanked, but did get smacked across the face.
  12. Liz Lil Secret


    I drink way too much caffeine - usually in the form of Cheerwine (cherry soda - pretty local to the Carolinas.) I also like other Cherry or Cherry Cola soda's, Mt. Dew LiveWire, Mt. Dew Code Red, and lots and lots of Starbucks. The cold ones, you buy in the glass bottles - the vanilla... yummm.
  13. Liz Lil Secret


    What kind of bottles do you guys use... ? I've had a hard time finding one I really like. Plain ol' cheap baby bottles just don't cut it for me.
  14. Liz Lil Secret

    Wetting Yourself

    I really like to pee my pants. It was my first "interest" in all of this... stuff. My boyfriend and I met in a wetting chat, actually. When I first started wearing diapers it was mostly as a way to contain the mess from peeing... only I found that the feelings I got from wearing diapers and...
  15. Liz Lil Secret

    Diaper help - Always leaking

    Thanks so much, all of you, for the wonderful suggestions. I'm going to play around and see what works (after all, isn't that half the fun? :) ) I ordered a sample pack of DRY 24/7's... going to experiment with cloth liners too, see if that helps. I appreciate your help, so much!
  16. Liz Lil Secret

    Fast Food..

    Not a big burger person, especially fast food... but I LOVE Arby's and Taco Bell. Oh, and KFC too! :)
  17. Liz Lil Secret

    If you could live anywhere...

    Seattle - no question
  18. Liz Lil Secret

    Whats your Job/degree??

    Job - Internet sales and I also work for a crisis center. Degree - Currently in school. 2nd year Psych major, going to be a licensed counselor.
  19. Liz Lil Secret

    Who'd you remove?

    Nobody... the resulting consequences of "playing God" are not ones I'd be willing to deal with.
  20. Liz Lil Secret

    When Do You Sleep Best?

    I much prefer the cold... I like snuggling under the covers with lots of warm blankets. I detest being hot, and sweating... ick.