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    So you not only walk in your sleep, you also un-tape and re-tape your diaper in your sleep?? I...

    So you not only walk in your sleep, you also un-tape and re-tape your diaper in your sleep?? I don't know much about sleepwalking, but that seems remarkable.
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    Leaking through the front???

    Try attaching the bottom tapes higher...or as high as possible, to create a larger "pocket" in the front. I started having this problem just recently, for no discernable reason, as I hadn't changed anything (original diaper, original technique). I think my stream can be strong enough that it...
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    You can search for members via - hamburger menu - Members - sub hamburger menu ("Members") - Find member
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    Favorite Web Browser

    Firefox, too, but IMHO they all suck. Too many useful options stripped out in the name of convenience, or to cater to advertisers. There are small teams re-tooling the big browsers like Pale Moon and Waterfox, but they don't have the resources to do it properly. Add-Ins/plugins help, but the...
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    Life Pains

    Wow, very happy I could help! If I may say so, you had one or more lousy doctors. Does it give you some relief in having a diagnosis? Something else that I didn't add before. I had a coworker roughly 20 years ago who was very upfront about telling people that he suffered from panic attacks, and...
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    Life Pains

    There's something I hadn't thought of before, but am not sure if it's anything like what you're experiencing. Have you ruled out panic and anxiety attacks? I had a handful of panic attacks in my 20's. They came on suddenly, and while there was no pain involved, my muscles would get tense and an...
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    Life Pains

    That sounds really awful. It's as if some mental issue temporarily manifests itself physically. Thankfully it's just temporary. I do occasionally suffer minor cases of depression, the kind where you just want to lie in bed all day, but manage to find my way out when my back gets sufficiently...
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    Parent's choice stage 7 diapers holy crap they're huge

    Another thanks for the list. I don't wear baby diapers directly, but have been turning size 5 Parents Choice into booster pads for primarily Northshore Lites. Parents Choice (I guess actually Domtar) modified the design dramatically roughly 6 months ago and I was struggling to cut them down...
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    Would you date an incontinent person?

    I am dating an incontinent person. He wets the bed a few nights a week as a side effect of diabetes. The caveat is that we met on and are both ABDL, but him needing a diaper every night never bothers me. I want him to be comfortable and get a good night's sleep...and he looks...
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    Bonus Content

    For my last two orders Northshore was sending me samples in large when my order was for medium diapers. This wasn't a simple mistake because the invoice explicitly stated the sample was a large. For my current order I decided to complain about the discrepancy in the "order notes"...and didn't...
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    Cant wait going 24/7

    I wear 24/7 and don't use creme unless I actually have a rash. But if you're going to soil yourself and know it tends to be (sorry to be gross) on the soft side, I recommend applying creme on every change, from your butt to the back of your balls. This site frowns on willing soiling in public...
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    What forums to use for help with PC problems...?

    Most of the time I am able to find answers to my IT roadblocks so don't need to post anything. (I am currently, reluctantly writing a couple Powershell scripts and figuring out how to add cmdlet parameters and parameter arguments programmatically.) I typicaly use Google and hit so many boards...
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    Which hand do you primarily use?

    Right handed, but having said that, I found myself somewhat ambidextrous after a college summer job years ago. I was testing computer cards for Honeywell and all the test equipment was designed for left-handers. I never wrote with that hand, but recall using it interchangeably with my right for...
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    I stumbled onto your profile a few days ago and wanted to say the same thing. Fun stories and...

    I stumbled onto your profile a few days ago and wanted to say the same thing. Fun stories and (unlike some) am glad your family supported you. Bit of trivia: you and my boyfriend share the same first name!
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    Would you be a diaper model?

    I just found this, and it's one of the funnier things I've read here lately! Obviously commercials are made to sell products, but I think diaper commercials were designed for the parents, not the kids! 🤣 Did you ever go to your parents and say, "I don't want these saggy diapers that leak! I want...
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    This website is one of the few sites that functions decently on my Pentium 3 system

    I'm guessing the major hurdle is not having an up-to-date browser? I wonder how much further you could go with Linux?
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    TV Comedy program

    Hehe, just my little joke. :)
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    If you're asked to pay more than $20-30/year for a domain name, chances are it's already taken...

    If you're asked to pay more than $20-30/year for a domain name, chances are it's already taken. Just pick something else or choose a different top level domain (i.e. .biz instead of .com). Also remember that there are dozens of domain registrars. Services will vary, but pricing will, too.
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    My Own ABDL/Incontinence Shop

    I've been toying with the idea of starting my own business for years. The part where I get stuck is developing a solid, long-term business plan, including working out pricing...for which there must be dozens of books. Let us know how it goes.
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    Is it normal that I need to pee a ton if I drink any water?

    While it may be stressful, seriously, just get on the phone and ask. There are no dumb questions and these are the kinds of questions customer service gets all day. If it's easier to get the insurance details from your college counselor, then go that route. Every insurance company has a web site...