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    Leak guards collapsing

    Is it just me or do other people have a regular problem with their diaper's leak guards either coming "unglued" from the elastics or the elastics sometimes breaking outright? For me this is often brand-dependent, as the Dry 24/7's and Seni's don't typically exhibit the problem, but Abena M3's...
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    Anybody never have an accident?

    A recent chat with an IC/DL guy got me thinking about this. Fuzzy childhood memories, self-induced "accidents", and purposeful untraining aside, can anyone say they've never had a legitimate bladder or bowel accident once they were past the age for diapers? I can attest to two of the former...
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    Technical Question Tapatalk security

    In case you weren't aware, I wanted to bring this thread to your attention: Sorry, I don't know anything more. Thanks.
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    Garywear vs. Suprima vinyl pants for daytime

    I'm in the market for a few new pair of daytime pants to cover a disposable. My original choice was Suprimas from B4NS, but the cost of shipping (which starts at about $10) put me off. Do they ever run sales or offer web discount codes? I started thinking about the Garywear pants, which I've...
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    Long time DL, branching out

    Hi, I've been a DL for many years (since my 8th grade health teacher started class one day by asking if any of us still wore a diaper...and apparently something snapped!) and coming off a 5 year purge. I've been a member of a couple similar sites, while still reading ADISC occasionally, but...