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  1. DprdDirtRider

    Anyone else sleep better with diapers?

    I always sleep diapered for the past few years. My bladder seems to be much more active at night so if I don't wear them I constantly wake up feeling the need to pee and cant sleep until I do... over and over again. When I am wearing my diaper tho I usually dont wake at all. It does not make...
  2. DprdDirtRider

    Second Introduction

    Thanks for the replies sawako and arietta! Yea, I have been tinkering with stuff since I was around 3. There are home videos of me trying to "fix" the three-wheeler that my parents had at the time. Ofcourse at that age tinkering ment causing more damage but that is how you learn :p I also used...
  3. DprdDirtRider

    How cold is it where you are?

    Right now in maine it is 15F and tonight it will be -19F and tomorrow it will be 2F. Is it summer yet?
  4. DprdDirtRider

    What Month Were You Born?

    I was born August 23rd
  5. DprdDirtRider

    Second Introduction

    Thanks Egor and Mattew
  6. DprdDirtRider

    almost caught?

    There were two or three times that I was caught when I was around 8-12. I would steal one of my brothers diapers and sneak it to the bathroom to try it on and use it. Some reason I never thought the plan through so I had nowhere to hide it after using it which led to my parents catching me...
  7. DprdDirtRider

    Second Introduction

    Hey everyone, It has been close to a year since my last post and so much has changed in my life that I kind of feel like a new person, so I figured I would do a second introduction. About me: I am a 23 y/o gay man. I live in Newport, Maine and have lived in Maine (not Newport) my whole...
  8. DprdDirtRider

    Does anybody ride motorcycles here?

    I love riding my motorcycle! I ride a 2013 suzuki dr650se dual sport. I have also ridden my dads 2003 yamaha road star 1600. My DR is modified to be more offroad (knobbie tires, skid plate, offroad gearing) and also has a performance carb but I also use it as my daily commuter vehicle. It is a...
  9. DprdDirtRider

    What do you drive?

    I drive a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2L 4x4 and I ride a 2013 suzuki dr650 dual sport.
  10. DprdDirtRider

    Joined Fetlife! :-) you should too!

    I'm coolcars on there. I added you woofwoof and others. Anyone can add me if you want :).
  11. DprdDirtRider

    xp medical bodysuit

    I purchased the navy blue onesie (bodysuit) from them and it is by far my favorite. I have only had one prior to this which was the abena onesie which would stretch out easy and you could see the diaper though it so it did not work well for hiding it if your shirt rode up. Their new 4care seem...
  12. DprdDirtRider

    so, just messed for the first time a few minutes ago...

    I used to be like that but after a while I started likeing it more and more. Now I find messing enjoyable and it doesnt bother me at all.
  13. DprdDirtRider

    how comfortable are you guys when it comes to buying adult diapers?

    I have only purchased at a store a few times and only because I ran out of my stock or could not order online. If stores stocked decent diapers then I would be more inclined to purchase in person pay shipping and wait for it. The first time purchasing was definitely the most nerve racking. The...
  14. DprdDirtRider

    Who hates getting out of bed?

    I dont like to go to bed so if I dont have work the next day i will stay up till about 3AM. But when I wake up I dont like to get out of bed either.
  15. DprdDirtRider

    Attaining A Covert Dry 24/7 & Reintroduction

    I only order from XPMedical and always get my package held at FedEx because I too still live with my parents . For the shipping address I put my name and the address of the FedEx store. Then I put "HOLD AT LOCATION" in the special instructions box at the bottom of the page which will let FedEx...
  16. DprdDirtRider

    Online diaper ordering tips?

    I always order from XP Medical. I have never had any issues with an order from them. They carry both Abena's and Dry 24/7 which are my personal favorites.
  17. DprdDirtRider

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    A fresh Abena M4. All ready for bed now. :)
  18. DprdDirtRider

    trying to avoid cracks in the pavement slabs when walking while out

    I always do. I don't know why, I just do. :dunno:
  19. DprdDirtRider

    How much do you use your diaper?

    I like to wet until it is soaked but I do not like it to leak. I always wear one all night and one all day if I can, unless I only have cheap diapers that dont hold much, then I change more. Sometimes I have to change sooner than I would like because of smell.
  20. DprdDirtRider

    How open are you about AB/DL?

    My boyfriend knows because I told him. My best friend who I know on Xbox also knows because I told him, he was the first person that I told. They are the only ones that I felt I could tell. The only person that I did not tell that knows is my boyfriends friend. He told her but she hasnt acted...