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  1. Liz Lil Secret


    What kind of bottles do you guys use... ? I've had a hard time finding one I really like. Plain ol' cheap baby bottles just don't cut it for me.
  2. Liz Lil Secret

    Diaper help - Always leaking

    Hey ya'll!! I hope you don't mind me asking about this... I'm still fairly new to diapers and I've not had a lot of experience with them except in the past couple of months. So, I am a 23yr old female... and I'm fairly curvy, but nothing extreme. I am a bit of a gusher... it all comes rushing...
  3. Liz Lil Secret

    Hi *waves to everyone*

    Hi ya'll! How are you?? I'm Liz... I've been signed up here for awhile, but haven't posted any yet. I took a hiatus to do a little soul searching - find out where I belong exactly in all of this. I'm AB/DL - my boyfriend and I are both switches. AB play is only a small part of our relationship...