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  • I'm so happy for you! aI miss talking too, sometimes. My url is greeniebell. Just a head's up, it's mainly just funny stuff I reblogged. But I'll definitely follow you back. ^.^
    Tumblr is a beautiful place. I've had my ups and downs lately, but things are starting to really look up. How have you been doing?
    Hey it's great to hear from you! (hugs) I don't really know why we stopped talking... I think I got lazy about writing long messages :p
    David and I are still together :) He is not asexual, but our differences in sexuality haven't really changed anything. We're in the process of figuring out a good compromise. He understands that the concept of sex is weird to me and I "understand" (as much as I can) that he has his needs. The nice thing is that he's not pressuring me into anything. We fool around once in a while and that seems to be alright for the time being.
    Thanks~! Yeah, I've been kind of busy with school and whatnot, so...
    wow you have a busy schedule on the other hand i really need to get a jobs and its hard a fuck where i live
    I'd love to read over your story~ Thank you for sending me a link to it!
    i know what you mean i am lucky since i just finished high school and am now enjoying summer and deciding what i should do with the rest of my life
    i think all you need is to refresh your mind and create new ideas when i write stories one of my hardest things is to complete because i start off with a lot of ideas but then i run out quickly there is also a idea i had that i was going to make a post on was if people who write stories should join a group with me a write a story of collaboration
    hey i love your story and would very much like to read more and was wondering when the next part was going to come out
    Aww thank you very much! I must say you are really kind <3 people like you are hard to find xxx
    Hey adjustanreflex, im TKing1391, I like meeting friends on adisc, hope we can become friends, wutsup?
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