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    Any pull-up diapers looking more grown up?

    Depend real fit look just like regular underwear.
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    My experience in a center for mental health care.

    When I arrived I was terrified. I walked though a metal detector and locked gate. I was taken to the unit and given a room. they closed the door 3/4 way but still left someone standing there. I was brought bread, a packet of jam(yet nothing to spread it with) and an orange. I'm on a gastric...
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    Forsite Mary Jane pattern. Do they get a 420 out of 100?

    I'm not sure as I live in Canada. But a few clicks on will let you know!
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    Crinkle Crinkle Crinkle - How Do You Hide The Noise ?

    Most times I find back ground noise covers it. Also i wear boxer briefs and those help counter the sound and keep things in place. During the day I wear fabric backed.
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    Tena flex question

    I kinda push out my belly when doing up the band so it's not too tight. I also wear boxer briefs just to keep everything in place and avoid sagging and bulking. I love these for day time. Super quick to change!
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    Forsite Mary Jane pattern. Do they get a 420 out of 100?

    I bought them off of agecomfort here in Canada for cheaper. Honestly I was not disappointed. They worked well, fit great and so awesome to finally have an adult print! I've bought once and will totally buy them again. The great thing about agecomfort is you can buy single samples!
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    self diapering?

    Depends on the diaper. I find some fit me better when I'm standing others when I lay down.
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    Incontinence Diagnosis+Hospital

    I was just recently in the hospital and woke up in the ICU. It was a hospital I'd never been to so they didn't have my medical info. When I awoke and the nurse took out my catheter She said I'm going to get you an absorbent thing. She didn't know I wear for incontinence. I was still dopped up...
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    Explaining your diaper wearing to your children

    My child is now 8. She's always known me and her mother both wear. My niece's and nephews know. Children are perceptive. When you get older your body doesn't work as well. Might be harder if you wear ab style though...
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    I wanted themed diapers but i don’t know why.

    This is why I bough Forsite Mary Jane Brieds. Plain can get boring but I didn't really want ab type prints.
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    Looking for Canadian Northshore Vendor

    Age comfort (free shipping over 50) and Healthwick (they have a great free sample program) are what I use here in canada.
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    Which are the bulkiest diapers?

    If you want bulk Double diaper! If you take a thick diaper like a rearz or more economical tranquility atn and double it, bam super thick! Like others have said cloth is easy to bulk it up.
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    Crinkle Crinkle Crinkle - How Do You Hide The Noise ?

    Boxer briefs, Jean's. Also a rain or winter coat. I usually wear fabric backed out in public
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    Tena Ultra question

    I used to buy the Tena Ultra because I was getting a good deal, but when you have to change so much it doesn't become worth it. Try Molicare super soft. A little bit more expensive than Tena, but absorbs more, softer, Better fit too! Very slim. I like the Tena Flex super for absorbency but I...
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    Hiding your diaper

    I've always had mine out in the open within easy grasp. Everyone knows. No big deal. But if I had to hide them, Were do younhide porno mags? In your underwear drawer, under your mattress! in a closet? Back pack! I've always got a change in my bag.